Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My dear frens out there,I wanna say u wats special in my college this week around.(cetainly not the internals)This weekend ,our college will be in the record books for hosting the largest ever non commercial concert in tamil nadu.The singer who has consented for the concert is none other than the KING OF GAZALS, the ever entertaining HARIHARAN.This is the first time he is in a college for a cultural event.Hope all the securities in our college are going to face a huge problem this weekend.

And wats the necessity to invite hariharan?????

It is for the closing ceremony of the most awaited cultural event of the year "TECHOFES 2009".After the resounding success of "KURUKSHETRA"(refer ananda vikatan,hindu,or any other daily for more infos)our seniors are geared up to prove to the world the might of CEG.After the IIT SAARANG which suffered from a lack of celebrity star power and some poorly organised events TECHOFES is all set to become the "CHENNAI FESTIVAL" .
We are expecting the turnout to be 20000,far exceeding last year,s 15000.

All are most welcome.

Watch out this blog next tuesday evening to know about the events and schedules.

NOTE:4 more enthralling superstars from cine field are expected to entertain us.who are they???????????keep guessing upto 11th.

jus follow this link for more info:::::

Monday, February 02, 2009


How many of u remember the shaky voices of your first friends everyday?How many of u call them atleast once in 10 days?How many of u really feel grandparent sick?????
Then jus join me .lets form a community for them in orkut.
When both of ur parents are workin,then surely ur grand ma would be a very close relation to you next only to your mother.For me,my grand ma is more than a best friend.She taught me everything in my life,from chess to carrom to cricket to shuttle to ramayana to demon to god to gandhiji to nehru to ................................................................................................................................................................................obama.An excellent singer,she had got a seat from travancore music academy in 1950.But the social clutches prevented her from getting a degree.No one in this world can cook like her.She worries a lot about me that she enquired about my safety after the mumbai atttacks,as if i was in mumbai.
Her affection and love for me is incomparable.

I must say about the person who first taught me to walk and first showed me the train and he is the one who should have been the most knowledgeable person by now.My grandpa.He taught me to be punctual and honest.If i become an i.a.s. officer tomorrow,it should be because of him who often refers"the honest politicians died after 1967 and india was paralysed after that".He also believes that the position of india would have been different , when India had remained as an english colony until late 70's.

Another grand pa whose arteries were blocked 18 years ago was a personification of will power.He came all the way to my college on the reopening day.He was nearly at tears to see me in hostel.Surely he is the most innocent person i have met in my life.

Finally another grand ma who is no more now instilled a strong faith of god in me.I can bet that i can argue with anyone of u that god is omnipresent .she made me understand the things better.She was a knowledge powerhouse.So so brainy.No one can solve the cross word puzzles as fast as her.

These four people are surely my role models.They were ,are and will bridge the energy gap between me and my parents.(jus have a thinkin.this is absolutely true)
My dear friends.When u r back in home next time,jus hold the veiny hands of ur grandparents and talk with them.U r not goin to have a relation like that again.