Saturday, October 24, 2009


I am in the last few days of what is probably the best month in my life...The month started with a shock surprise of getting a companion and a ticket for the concert , which is followed by the concert itself.. Till now i cant believe that I have seen Him... I lived a dream..Then came diwali.. As usual , it was colourful and sweetful... Then came Resonance , case study , project,agni and all... Throughout the month i received my second assess papers , much to the envy of many... If at all a month comes, let it be like this october.. Let it teach me the real beauty of life.. Not only to me, but to all my fellow Indians.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Its three years since I bought crackers for the festival.... When I speak of diwali, some of you would think of child labors in sivakasi, some of you would think of the recent accidents in the state,some of you would think of the ozone layer, as if your lab air conditioners and refrigerators in home does not harm the protective layer..Those who think so, don't read further...

Those who speak of child labours should first find out the root of the problem.... First they must learn how many children are willing to study , in their present family situations....Can they provide them with 20 rupees per day and food for them...Can they punish the agents who bring child labours to the factories.... Can you seal the factories which recruit children..?? As long as broken families and drunkard fathers are there, these things will continue...

Diwali is the real face of the Indian unity... It shows to the world that we are all happy... It teaches us how to share with our neighbours and relatives... It is probably the only festival, which is celebrated by all the communities, all over the country... We are no more celebrating the victory of good over evil... We are celebrating our pride... we are showing the world that though we are all divided by religion and communities , we all have something connecting us.... This is probably the worst of my posts.... cos, so many things flash across my mind when i think of diwali.. so unique it is..