Friday, June 18, 2010


Yet another mani ratnam movie !!!!

But this time , he has carved an epic. No other director can create a character like Veera. It is the most versatile character to have been created in the tamil cinema so far. Veera's "bak bak bak bak" will be admired by everyone. Vikram scores when he admires his photo in prithviraj's tent. His longing for aishwarya rai, and his acting makes it his best movie after "pithamagan".

The way vikram comes to kno abt his sister's death, the climax fight, aishwarya rai wearing a hawai slipper, the surprise song at the climax(it is not in album), vaiyapuri as transgender, train scene.... There are mani touches throughout the movie.
Ravanan is the most beautifully picturised movie of this decade. "Usure pogudhe" captures our attention. It was an excellent attempt and a very innovative one.Santhosh Shivan should get atleast a national award.

"Poramaya iruku saami.. Adi vayirellam eriyudhu", veera says to Raghini standing infront of a mammoth vishnu statue.All guys will feel this much jealousy of abishek bachchan wen they see the movie. Aishwarya rai bachchan was so so beautiful. Her eyes express fear and love so effortlessly. Aishwarya has lived as Raghini.

A.R.Rahman has provided a treat to our ears. The 'kaatu siruki' at the background at the time when veera tries to hug raghini is the pick of the movie. Music is such an integral part of the movie. The BGM is awesome,fabulous,terrific,mind blowing,excellent,stunning, and simply Rahmanic.

The three and a half long wait came to an end at last. This is a big relief to tamil cinema plagued by obscene duets and non-sense punch dialogues.And Mani sir has not disappointed his fans..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


WARNING: This post is the mokkaest in this blog, and this post is a consequence of a 47 day semester vacation. Those who are veti like me.. DARE TO READ

 This June has been a terrific month for me for more than one reason. Being all alone in my home, sitting infront of tv and glancing through the newspapers , I had a lot of time to think. I literally was a modern day kumbakarnan sleeping atleast 10 hours a day.

A lot of time was spent thinking upon the thing which binds the human life. Why am I studying some stuff in the name of Engineeering? Why do people vote ? Why should I take up civil service ? Why should India send Chandrayaan 2 ? Why are politicians and many bureaucrats corrupt ? Why my father never asks me how much I spend ?

The answer I found in this huge brainstorming exercise is the topic of this post.