Sunday, April 03, 2011

We are family!! Thank you Sachin!!!!!!

482 runs in 9 matches with 2 centuries, 2 half centuries, and the maximum number of sixes by any Indian batsman. The person who placed his country and his game above everything in his life has got a fitting reward after 21 years of endurance. He might have all the records in his kitty but nothing would have satisfied Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar as much as this world cup. After all, he finally played his part in bringing glory to his country. Arguably , Sachin is the one of the most patriotic cricketers ever in the history of the game. And the cricket Gods have rightly adorned  him with the crown and now Sachin has made yet another record!! He is the first player to play a world cup final at his home ground , and he has won it!!

The madness with which the religion of Cricket is being followed all over the country , and particularly in this Engineering island in Guindy is absolutely amazing. Over the last 10 days, nothing went really wrong for the crazy people over here, and we enjoyed damn good cricket. We had to go to the tv hall (which was as hot as a mine), an hour before the starting of the match to get seated. The only time when the tv hall was relatively empty was when Sachin got out yesterday and the scorecard read 31/2. Whenever there was a misfield, whenever a batsman gets out for a stupid shot, and whenever someone in the opposition does well, they were subjected to horrible abuses. Each and every run and each and every dot ball was cheered.  We never had a feeling that we were infront of TV set. We all enjoyed as though we were in a stadium. Newspapers were torn into pieces and thrown in air every now and then. Cricket bridged gaps between us, we came to know each other better, new friendships were made.

All these days, we had one common religion, one big festival, and one main deity called Sachin Tendulkar. Kudos to Cricket!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Miss U my dear

I feel very hollow now. My GATE exam is round the corner, with not even a word prepared for it. My CAT classes are there. The grilling lab exams , records,assessments everything is there. There is not much time left for Q Quest too. Vision is round the corner. Its 3 weeks already since I left home but it does not bother me. I have a lot of work to be done. But I still feel hollow. And it is because of one little thing which left all of us all alone - the K!
Shooting orders to juniors, arranging for logistics, thinking always about conducting the event properly, doing online marketing , checking the process flow again and again, saying to each and every person about the event , getting encouragement, appreciation for one second and getting nailed in the next, getting engaged in fights with teammates and seniors, I was out of this world for a week.
I have never ever been this much busy in my life , and have never ever handled these much problems in my life. K! taught me a lot of new things. All the 3 days I was representing my college. I was representing the Anna university. Everyone saw the college through us and the huge responsibility of salvaging the pride of college fell in our young shoulders. With each and every event attracting around 800 participants, this K! became bigger than what I expected.
All the tiredness was there in the body for a day and from last night I am feeling unusually hollow , as if something has left me in my life! After commanding and instructing management students for 3 days, I have to return back to my classroom again taking useless notes and hearing to electronics and communication which will never fetch me any happiness.
Life in CEG seems pointless once again!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011


The new year has dawned and it simply makes no difference to me. I am up against the people celebrating new year with a frenzied madness as if it is yet another diwali or christmas or ramzan. After all, this new year is not even a regular central government holiday and it is merely the start of yet another month. I strongly feel these new year celebrations show our addiction towards the western culture, and it  has demoralized and spoiled the Indian tradition and culture. With an increasing number of divorce cases and an increase in the number of the so called "crimes of passion", it seems our tradition and culture will become a thing of the past. Every new year symbolizes an increase in the number of parties and nothing else. I just wonder what Bharathiyar would have dreamed of had he been alive today!! He would have wished for a sensible and a responsible younger generation!