Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This week's mokka

Mokka Expert of EF batch pointing to a hair in his hand asks "wat is this"
His Friend: "Hair"
M.E : "No. Tell Exactly"
Fren: "Thin hair"
M.E: "No.This is Jayaraj"
Fren: "How?"
M.E: " Because Harris Jayaraj"

A Helping Hand

Too much of insult and humiliation is being faced by the people who crack blunt jokes. It is a very difficult,cumbersome,difficult,onerous task to crack mokkais as it requires a very good presence of mind and a good vocabulary ( both in tamil and english).

So, here thevkyblog takes up the initiative of supporting the cause of the downtrodden "mokkaites" of CEG by publishing the best "mokkais" every week. This is a social measure to encourage the upcoming "mokkaites" and enhance their skills.The professional "mokkaites" can mail in their mokka jokes to this blogger at mokkais should reach the mail id before 0000 hours every monday

The best entries will be selected and the participants can check for the mokka posts every wednesday. The selection panel consists of eminent "mokkaites" of College of Engineering,Guindy.

All the best budding blunters. Shrpen your mind and blend your blunts.


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I missed 17 posts. Too bad for a blog's health. I must do something to make this blog survive