Wednesday, November 18, 2009


He taught me cricket.. When my grandma taught wat is a boundary, sachin was the batsman.. When i was wondering whether anyone can hit a six off a fast bowler, sachin smashed michael kasprowickz into the sharjah crowd.. Still i remember that particular match.. Unbelievable 143 against aussies at sharjah!! It was the match and sachin was the man who pulled me for cricket.. In the last 11 years I dont know even a single instance when sachin rolled on the floor and kissed the pitch for a century.. He was not chewing bubble gums , while the national anthem was played on the world cup finals.. He rarely blames the pitch.. " He chased a south affrican spectator and pulled him down , for snatching his Indian cap" , wrote vijay lokapally on The hindu dated 15.11.09..
He returned to national duty , right after his father's funeral.. Still I remember the sachin who looked into the heavens for 2 extra seconds , on course of his 140 against kenya... That was his first century after his father's demise... Thanks to the espn star cameraman , who focussed on the eyes of spectators , as soon as sachin scored his century... The tears shed there by those people and millions back home, tells who sachin is , amd wat he means to us..Anyone would have forgot his fourth innings century at chepauk.. certainly not I.. I was just 10 kilometres and 50 rupees away from watching it.. But for mathematics 1 , nothing prevented me from seeing sachin.. I dont know when the next test match will be played at chennai.. I dont know whether I will have a glimpse of the hero in my lifetime.. I missed a chance for seeing the man, who after scoring 87 international centuries , said his best moment in international cricket waas when he got his indian cap.. Thanks to his recent "I am an indian first" comment,Sachin is the only indian who unified all the political parties..
Dhoni right now shoulders the huge responsibility of giving sachin his most wanted gift, the world cup.. Let the street-smart captain keep in mind that if at all cricket has to survive in the country, sachin should announce his retirement from international cricket only after touching the golden cup with his golden hands... Else , it is very obvious that he will be asked to step down , not only by all indian cricket fans , but by all sachinists...