Monday, June 07, 2010

Board of Controversy and Corruption in India.

Even after the pathetic and characterless defeats in the world T20 and in Zimbabwe, BCCI's national selection commitee and its chairman is unfazed. With Sachin opting out of the Asia cup, the chances for India in the tournament are very very dim. The little master is very choosy of late, and he is right in doing so, as he shoulders a huge responsibility in the 2011 WC. The selection commitee made a good decision by leaving out Yuvraj and Yusuf Pathan. Yuvraj Singh must have been shown the doors long ago in January, and he cannot take his place in the side for granted anymore.

But , it seems the committee has totally forgotten Rahul Dravid. He has not announced his retirement from ODI cricket till now. He is one of the finest and greatest players of the game. He is fitter and far far better than most of the so called "next generation" players. His performances in IPL-3 is commendable, and his bat speed and strike rate has improved considerably. If the selectors think strike rate is an important criteria for selection,he is a perfect package today, and there is no reason why he is being denied his place. The Indian batting order is too vulnerable now, and the inclusion of Dravid would have altogether changed the scenario.

The BCCI has commited a blunder in not sending a team for tha Asiad. It has missed a golden opportunity to let its players contribute to the country's glory. It was a chance to prove the nation why cricket is the most loved sport in the country. By its action,the BCCI has brought shame to the cricket followers and cricket worshippers all over the naton.

These are testing times for cricket in this nation. Let not BCCI be carried away by the success of IPL. Cricket is not all about money, and cheer girls. Its about passion, and hero worship. Without heros , Cricket in India wont survive

Sunday, June 06, 2010


5 songs + 5 fights + 5 comedy scenes + tympanum-tearing punch dialogues = Singam. Despite pathetic Anoushka(hope i spelled right!), irritating "third-rate" comedy from "janangalin kalaignan, Padma shri" vivek, "ongi adicha onra ton weight da" punches, absolutely irritating DSP bgm,what makes singam interesting and watchable is SURYA. He carries the entire film in his shoulders with amazing ease. In no way singam resembles Kaaka Kaaka. It resembles none of his early 24 movies. He has really done some homework for the movie. He speaks the thoothukudi slang flawlessly, and roars throughout the movie like a lion. His dance has improved tremendously. You cannot compare "Aval varuvala" and "kadhal vandhale".Surya has unleashed the entertainer within him.

Singam - Surya's quest to increase his fan base..