Monday, February 07, 2011

Miss U my dear

I feel very hollow now. My GATE exam is round the corner, with not even a word prepared for it. My CAT classes are there. The grilling lab exams , records,assessments everything is there. There is not much time left for Q Quest too. Vision is round the corner. Its 3 weeks already since I left home but it does not bother me. I have a lot of work to be done. But I still feel hollow. And it is because of one little thing which left all of us all alone - the K!
Shooting orders to juniors, arranging for logistics, thinking always about conducting the event properly, doing online marketing , checking the process flow again and again, saying to each and every person about the event , getting encouragement, appreciation for one second and getting nailed in the next, getting engaged in fights with teammates and seniors, I was out of this world for a week.
I have never ever been this much busy in my life , and have never ever handled these much problems in my life. K! taught me a lot of new things. All the 3 days I was representing my college. I was representing the Anna university. Everyone saw the college through us and the huge responsibility of salvaging the pride of college fell in our young shoulders. With each and every event attracting around 800 participants, this K! became bigger than what I expected.
All the tiredness was there in the body for a day and from last night I am feeling unusually hollow , as if something has left me in my life! After commanding and instructing management students for 3 days, I have to return back to my classroom again taking useless notes and hearing to electronics and communication which will never fetch me any happiness.
Life in CEG seems pointless once again!!