Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Forgotten Hero

In the years to come, the growth of India is going to be tremendous certainly. With a rising middle class and promising young leaders, India will be in a respectable position atleast by 2030. We may not be able to do what China has done in the last few decades. But certainly we will be a stronger, more self reliant and a developed country by that time. When we turn back and see where it all started, the roots would be lying in the vision of this great man. It is astonishing that the country and media has quite forgotten this great leader, who showed the way how to perform even when people around him were digging traps for him. His speech in Ayodhya a few days before the demolition is possibly the only thing which makes people feel bad about him. Except for that Vajpayee was a man who deserves the maximum respect.
He did not bow down to U.S pressure. He was bold enough to lead us during tough,testing times. He gave his heart out to develop good relationship with Pakistan. He was a strong and a tall leader.In an era where most of the Indian politicians seem reluctant to retire from active politics for the sake of power and money, this great leader announced his retirement from active politics!! Whether he is conferred with it or not, he is really a Bharath Ratna!! Happy birthday Atal ji!!

Thursday, December 02, 2010


It is great to have a cup of tea inhaling fresh air gazing at the beautiful mountain behind my home. . With a single 60 watt bulb and the lonely satellite of our planet to light it up, the terrace is the most beautiful place of our small home . We are barely a kilometre from the foothills of the mountain,which houses a lonely temple at its top. 10 years ago, there was hardly a green patch in this gigantic mountain. Thanks to the efforts of  jakki vasudev, the mountain has turned greener and we no more feel its radiations during hot summer. In ten years time, I am pretty sure that this mountain becomes as green as any hill in Yercaud. It is very hard to accept that I have to leave my hometown in three or four years time.
I am just wondering what sort of creatures those non returning Indians are!! It is shocking to know that 80% of Indian students going abroad for studies never return back to India.  How can they miss their homes, their families, their loved ones for the sake of stupid careers? What sort of bloody satisfaction do those American dollars and British pounds give them? What makes them run blindly behind money ? What are they going to achieve in life by means of huge bank balances ? Leaving their aged parents in loneliness and not attending them even during their last days, what really drives them is quite a mystery.
Only donkeys can eat paper money.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


This single letter is going to be so influential in my career and life. The Students Quality Club is pretty interesting. The concepts of Quality , and the joy and pain of team work kindles the flame in me to become a leader. Even if I had been a member of some other club or forum, I would not have had this much satisfaction.  I feel like am at my school with my people when I enter this SQC building. Thanks a lot SQC!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Antha arabi kadaloram

Despite a very long travel , poor organization and a worse food crisis for vegetarians, goa IV is certainly one of the best things in my life so far. A terrific rain in goa, saturday being a holiday in the oceanography institute(our iv spot), the DJ nite at cruise , the restaurants which price beers at Rs.15 and water at Rs.20, the beautiful train journey along the konkan coast , the mind blowing journey standing at the steps of the train,screaming something. yelling O's and Aaaaa's for almost everything. ( My favourite one was "EF batch attu figure ku oru aaaa podu") , watching Narasimma movie in bus, going for a trekking and reaching the top of a hill to have a look at the centuries old caves, shooting of narasimma-2 with anand sir and sayeed sir. Hmmmmmm.. These 5 days will never come back again in my life.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


He is the great man who stood up against almost every hurdle in his life. His poems can guide you in times of difficulties and when your confidence level is low. I can proudly say that I have read the works of this great Indian. Thanks to puducheri Government which has come out with a website in his name.I have no qualification to speak about this hero . Have a look at  before leaving this page :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

India's first cabinet

 The first Indian cabinet formed on 15th August 1947 consisted of the following members,

Jawaharlal Nehru - Primeminister; External Affairs & common wealth- relations; Scientific Research

Sardar Vallabhbahai Patel - Home, Information & Broadcasting ; States

Dr.Rajendra Prasad - Food & Agriculture

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad - Education

Dr.John Mathai - Railways & Transport

R.K.shanmugham Chetty- Finance

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar- Law

Jagjivan Ram - Labour

Sardar Baldev Singh - Defence

Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur - Health

C.H.Bhabaha - commerce

Rafi Ahmed Kidwai - Communication

Dr.Shyam Prasad Mukherji - Industries & supplies

V.N.Gadgil - Works, Mines & power

PS:It took me a lot of googling to get a list of India's first cabinet ministers and the wikipedia does not have any record of India's first cabinet. It is an irony that even the official website of the Indian Government has no record of these greatest Indians. It does not feature even a photograph of Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur( first woman cabinet minister)!! It is highly worrying that the Indian Government is not properly utilizing its website. It is important that the moments of post Independence Indian history are properly recorded, and its heroes are properly recognized. Else the future generation may never learn about the architects of India.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quote 10.02

Henry Ford:

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.

Love you

Smiling faces , guys who wake up as early as 11 o clock in sundays , bathroom singers , people speaking over mobile phone for hours together , long queues in atm , even longer queues in canteen ,  people who always walk alone saying a half-hearted hi , couples in front of gurunath who mostly spend their time in silence,  ten people trapped in a small hostel room , making fun of (almost)everything , laughing for no reason , silent tears , violent birthday parties , the most polite RC's , the majestic red building which looks like an old fortress , the colorful Techofes , weekend outings, lunch time comedies , sleepy classrooms , vibrating mobile phones , late night studies which extend upto 3 o clock at times.

CEG has imparted an amazing self confidence in me. I have given up any sort of negative thinking. A cowardly guy from salem has got transformed into someone who is ready to face anyone , and to conquer any part of this world. The sense of social responsibility which my college has imparted in me is going to make my presence felt in the part of the world where I live. I have found a purpose for my living , and have gained friends for lifetime.

I want these two years to move as slowly as possible. I don't want to get out of this heaven so soon. Love you CEG

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its time!!!!

It may be a dead rubber test match in Sri lanka. But Indians are never going to turn their attention off cricket. Cricket has become such a block buster in the country that it threatens the very existence of every other sport in the country.Sanias and sainas attract sports viewers for reasons which have no connection with sports.

The reason why cricket is such a big thing in India is the business and politics involved with it. As long as Arun Jaitleys and Sharad Pawars are there,the game of cricket will never die. To be more frank,other sports wont bloom till the political and corporate heavy weights rule cricket.Adidas,Pepsi,Hero honda,MRF,crompton fans,Sunfeast biscuits,cello pens and Mysore sandal soaps depend on the cricketers for their survival.

I can never accept Indians dont have interest in other sports.Almost every school in our country(even a very poor Government school) will have a good volleyball and a basketball team. The inter school and intercollege football,volleyball and basketball competitions will enjoy high participation, but a cricket match will mostly played infront of an empty gallery. Cricketers somehow become stars, whereas others don't. Sachin Tendulkar did something which Dhanraj Pillai can't. Dhoni is doing something which Baichung Bhutia failed to do. Mohun Bagan may be as potent as any premier league team. But it does not get the kind of support which KKR gets.

CWG should be the platform to bring Indian talents to the fore. But I am afraid it will bring corruption and political mud-slinging in our country to the fore. The Government should do everything to ensure that New Delhi conducts the games with utmost perfection.

In a country where more than 300 million people live in poverty, is a sports extravaganza like Common Wealth Games a must? In what way is common wealth games going to improve the status of sports in India? Let us not get involved in such discussions and distract the game preparations now.CWG is a question of national pride. We must show the world what Indians are capable of. This is not the time to encourage Mani Shankar Aiyars

Quote 10.01

Abraham Lincoln:

"That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


24 hours,7 continents,5 oceans,60 minutes,28 states,3000 km long river,8000 feet high mountain, 12 months, 7 days in a week, 8(or 9) planets,room no. 3 , block 9, hall number 111, 1st floor, 2 hour class,60 Watts bulb,3 hour exams,81% battey charge remaining, 10 fingers, 20 rupees debt,20083955, 36 degree celsius,2 mm rainfall, 76 mm pressure,...
Numbers are the most fascinating things in the world.In more than one way, numbers symbolise almighty. They will be around you, still you cannot feel its importance.The ten digits from 0 to 9 rule the world. Without numbers, the world wont exist. Numbers make and break Governments. They can make you jump in joy, they can make you cry,they let you think and rectify your mistakes,they may make you proud and on the same hand they can humiliate you. All the knowledge human beings have gathered are built upon the foundation of numbers. Also, numbers enable us to make a study on something and arrive at a conclusion.
Let us realise their value and give due respect to all the numbers we come across daily.

Friday, June 25, 2010


The last  6 weeks gave me a lot of time. I slept early , woke up late, spent a lot of time with my parents , visited relatives' home , attended functions , went to temples , saw ravanan the first day, saw India defeating Pakistan and destroying,demolishing Afridi's hopes , got satisfactory results, learnt car driving , did not waste time in the name of projects or interns.
Every good thing comes to an end. So are my beautiful holidays. Next week by this time , I would be in my college as a pre final year student , arguing with my friends for rahman , mani , dada , bavana , ajith , vikram and salem . Its one and a half months since I saw the beautiful , charming fortress called CEG.Gurunath stores , onion rava , snh , hostel, treats and my trademark mokka are going to be a part of my life again. I have got only two more years of college life left. I am looking forward to make the most of it, with all my friends.

Monday, June 21, 2010


We live in a society where pronouncing 'thamizh' as 'tamil' is fancied. Many mothers speak with their kids in English.Taking up civil service after B.E is viewed as foolishness.Whereas getting a M.S from some foreign university and settling in foreign countries is seen as a sign of pride.People have started to forget their motherland and language.

This is a society where elders are treated with the least respect.Old age homes have started increasing.. Our old age homes lodge people who are parents of  the citizens of various countries. A survey says that only 20 % of the Indian students studying  abroad return to India for work. I am reminded of Sujatha writing in "Katradhum Petradhum" about his Diwali celebrations in states with the American grandchildren,born to  his Indian son.

A pension is not merely a money. It is the reward given by the  government for its employees for their work. While accompanying my grandpa to the state treasury for muster, it was destroying to hear this.. "ye. kezhadu. oru thadava sonna puriyadhu!", yelled an officer in treasury at an old man who is 75+. "thedi eduthuko po" , he throwed the register of that retired headmaster on the floor beside him. With shivering hands , a walking stick , he leaned on the floor to pick his register. That register should have contained something , which could savor his self  confidence. He should also be  like my grandfather only. Giving a fifty rupees to his grandson with a feeling of standing in his own legs and saying "Enna venumo vangiko" with a big smile of satisfaction.

Let us be Tamizhans(in your language tamilians) at heart at least.


Ever since his evolution , man is trying to understand nature and exploit its gifts. In order to attain the gifts of nature , empires were built, wars were waged and numerous lives were lost. The study of science has enabled man to understand nature better , and make new inventions and discoveries to help the mankind. Ironically , each and every invention had its own drawback.
Today we live in a world which is dominated by science. Each and every article we use today is impacted heavily by science. Be it a toothbrush or a satellite, science plays a role in it. The instruments and techniques  used by the Indian kings for carrying out civil works were said to be of superior quality. Our emperors have set trends in building construction. The Big Temple , The Grand Anicut (Kallanai) , Taj Mahal , all palaces in Rajasthan and the temples spread across our motherland are among some of the finest architectural master pieces, known all over the world. The Atharvana veda is said to have a number of verses dedicated to Mathematics, science and medicine. There is a controversy that "Acupuncture" techniques are actually stated in the fourth Veda.
It is an irony that the independent India has not developed many scientists. Despite measures of the Government only a few people take up research, the main reasons being the low salary and poor standards of education.Let us hope India produces more ramans and kalams in the years to come. I would like to see a syllabus were students all over the world read "patnaik series" , "naidu transform" , "mukherjee law" and  "singh constant". The Engineering students in foreign countries must find it tough to cope up with the books of Indian authors. IITs must become the best colleges in the world. ISRO must send satellites to research on the possibility of life in Andromeda. We must develop a vaccine for cancer.People must come to Indian hospitals to get their diseases cured.
For all this to happen , there must be a change in the Indian mentality at first. Let us hope for the best..

Friday, June 18, 2010


Yet another mani ratnam movie !!!!

But this time , he has carved an epic. No other director can create a character like Veera. It is the most versatile character to have been created in the tamil cinema so far. Veera's "bak bak bak bak" will be admired by everyone. Vikram scores when he admires his photo in prithviraj's tent. His longing for aishwarya rai, and his acting makes it his best movie after "pithamagan".

The way vikram comes to kno abt his sister's death, the climax fight, aishwarya rai wearing a hawai slipper, the surprise song at the climax(it is not in album), vaiyapuri as transgender, train scene.... There are mani touches throughout the movie.
Ravanan is the most beautifully picturised movie of this decade. "Usure pogudhe" captures our attention. It was an excellent attempt and a very innovative one.Santhosh Shivan should get atleast a national award.

"Poramaya iruku saami.. Adi vayirellam eriyudhu", veera says to Raghini standing infront of a mammoth vishnu statue.All guys will feel this much jealousy of abishek bachchan wen they see the movie. Aishwarya rai bachchan was so so beautiful. Her eyes express fear and love so effortlessly. Aishwarya has lived as Raghini.

A.R.Rahman has provided a treat to our ears. The 'kaatu siruki' at the background at the time when veera tries to hug raghini is the pick of the movie. Music is such an integral part of the movie. The BGM is awesome,fabulous,terrific,mind blowing,excellent,stunning, and simply Rahmanic.

The three and a half long wait came to an end at last. This is a big relief to tamil cinema plagued by obscene duets and non-sense punch dialogues.And Mani sir has not disappointed his fans..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


WARNING: This post is the mokkaest in this blog, and this post is a consequence of a 47 day semester vacation. Those who are veti like me.. DARE TO READ

 This June has been a terrific month for me for more than one reason. Being all alone in my home, sitting infront of tv and glancing through the newspapers , I had a lot of time to think. I literally was a modern day kumbakarnan sleeping atleast 10 hours a day.

A lot of time was spent thinking upon the thing which binds the human life. Why am I studying some stuff in the name of Engineeering? Why do people vote ? Why should I take up civil service ? Why should India send Chandrayaan 2 ? Why are politicians and many bureaucrats corrupt ? Why my father never asks me how much I spend ?

The answer I found in this huge brainstorming exercise is the topic of this post.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Board of Controversy and Corruption in India.

Even after the pathetic and characterless defeats in the world T20 and in Zimbabwe, BCCI's national selection commitee and its chairman is unfazed. With Sachin opting out of the Asia cup, the chances for India in the tournament are very very dim. The little master is very choosy of late, and he is right in doing so, as he shoulders a huge responsibility in the 2011 WC. The selection commitee made a good decision by leaving out Yuvraj and Yusuf Pathan. Yuvraj Singh must have been shown the doors long ago in January, and he cannot take his place in the side for granted anymore.

But , it seems the committee has totally forgotten Rahul Dravid. He has not announced his retirement from ODI cricket till now. He is one of the finest and greatest players of the game. He is fitter and far far better than most of the so called "next generation" players. His performances in IPL-3 is commendable, and his bat speed and strike rate has improved considerably. If the selectors think strike rate is an important criteria for selection,he is a perfect package today, and there is no reason why he is being denied his place. The Indian batting order is too vulnerable now, and the inclusion of Dravid would have altogether changed the scenario.

The BCCI has commited a blunder in not sending a team for tha Asiad. It has missed a golden opportunity to let its players contribute to the country's glory. It was a chance to prove the nation why cricket is the most loved sport in the country. By its action,the BCCI has brought shame to the cricket followers and cricket worshippers all over the naton.

These are testing times for cricket in this nation. Let not BCCI be carried away by the success of IPL. Cricket is not all about money, and cheer girls. Its about passion, and hero worship. Without heros , Cricket in India wont survive

Sunday, June 06, 2010


5 songs + 5 fights + 5 comedy scenes + tympanum-tearing punch dialogues = Singam. Despite pathetic Anoushka(hope i spelled right!), irritating "third-rate" comedy from "janangalin kalaignan, Padma shri" vivek, "ongi adicha onra ton weight da" punches, absolutely irritating DSP bgm,what makes singam interesting and watchable is SURYA. He carries the entire film in his shoulders with amazing ease. In no way singam resembles Kaaka Kaaka. It resembles none of his early 24 movies. He has really done some homework for the movie. He speaks the thoothukudi slang flawlessly, and roars throughout the movie like a lion. His dance has improved tremendously. You cannot compare "Aval varuvala" and "kadhal vandhale".Surya has unleashed the entertainer within him.

Singam - Surya's quest to increase his fan base..

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Rice at Rs.2, free school books, free cycle for school children , free electricity for farmrers and weavers, free lpg connections, waiver of bank loans for farmers,free colour tv sets. All these will be the points which the DMK will emphasise during their election campaign for the next assembly elections. Without doubt, this government has appeased people from all sections with its freebies.Some schemes may have helped many families to bail themselves out of an economic crisis and lead a happy life today.
But, free school books and free colour television scheme will start backfiring on the Government soon. It is a huge step taken by Government in creating an irresponsible generation.
The SSA scheme ensures a pass for all school students and they need not worry for getting failed in school upto class 9. Books are also freely available which deprives the parents and students of the responsibility to save money for books. Anything which is freely available will never be valued.Education can never be devalued like this.
Rather than taking efforts to provide a quality education , the government is stubborn in providing a "name sake" education to all. Education is "Self-Actualisation". Anything short of it can't be called as education.
The Government has to take efforts to make the students responsible. It has to supply text books to the children,only if they return the books of the previous year in a good condition.A fine must be imposed on the children who do not return books.
If this is not done, the future India will be irresponsible. All Indians will be LITERATE, but not EDUCATED.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


எத்தனை நாட்களாக காத்திருந்தேன் உனக்காக?
எத்தனை நாட்கள் ஏங்கியிருப்பேன் உனக்காக?
தூக்கமில்லா இரவுகளையும்
துக்கமான பொழுதுகளையும்
ஏன் எனக்கு தந்தாய்?
ஏன் எனக்கு இந்த தண்டனை?
எத்தனை முறை உன்னை பார்த்தாலும்
அத்தனை அழகாய் இருப்பாய்!!
ஏன் இந்த கோபம் என் மேல்?
நான் என்ன தவறு செய்தேன்
உன்னை ஆராதித்ததை தவிர?
நீயும் பெண் தானோ??

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

காதல் !?!!!!

The best ever quote I have seen in Electric train:

காதல் உண்மை தான் ;
காதலி தான் பொய்

Monday, April 05, 2010


The RTE and the emphasis which the media gives to it has baffled me. I personally feel there are a lot of loopholes in this RTE. As a responsible citizen , who stood in a long queue for almost 80 minutes to exercise my franchise in may 2009, I have all the rights to question my HRD minister.
  • Almost all parents are ready to send their children to school. But not all children are ready to go to school. REF: Ask any child working in any mechanic shop or workshop whether he is ready to go to school. What is the Government going to do to bring these children to school?
  • RTE makes it mandatory for all private schools to reserve 25% of seats for poor children. How will these 25% be selected? Interviews? GDs???? Or as usual cash for seat??
  • Why do children of Ministers and Government officials not studying in Government schools?
  • What is the Government going to do for improving the quality of school education?
  • Which is more important for Indian children.. Mere literacy or quality education?
  • In what way RTE will help the state Governments in improving the standard of schools and faculty?
  • What is the role of private sector?
  • If a child does not get his "Right" to get educated, even after the implementation of the act,who is to be blamed? who is to be penalised?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This week's mokka

Mokka Expert of EF batch pointing to a hair in his hand asks "wat is this"
His Friend: "Hair"
M.E : "No. Tell Exactly"
Fren: "Thin hair"
M.E: "No.This is Jayaraj"
Fren: "How?"
M.E: " Because Harris Jayaraj"

A Helping Hand

Too much of insult and humiliation is being faced by the people who crack blunt jokes. It is a very difficult,cumbersome,difficult,onerous task to crack mokkais as it requires a very good presence of mind and a good vocabulary ( both in tamil and english).

So, here thevkyblog takes up the initiative of supporting the cause of the downtrodden "mokkaites" of CEG by publishing the best "mokkais" every week. This is a social measure to encourage the upcoming "mokkaites" and enhance their skills.The professional "mokkaites" can mail in their mokka jokes to this blogger at mokkais should reach the mail id before 0000 hours every monday

The best entries will be selected and the participants can check for the mokka posts every wednesday. The selection panel consists of eminent "mokkaites" of College of Engineering,Guindy.

All the best budding blunters. Shrpen your mind and blend your blunts.


Some topics on which i should have blogged:
  1. 200
  2. vtv
  3. vision 10
  4. home visit
  5. the children of the people working in construction site opposite our hostel block
  6. the dead lizard in our room switchboard
  7. first assessments
  8. second assessments
  9. IPL
  10. helping nature
  11. Q Quest
  12. Tears
  13. Love
  14. smile
  15. happiness
  16. Aromale
  17. C.Arch
I missed 17 posts. Too bad for a blog's health. I must do something to make this blog survive

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home Delivery

Already its 23 days since I left Salem.. So far my innings in Chennai has never extended beyond 33 days.. With Q Quest, Vision and Assessments following , it seems I would be imprisoned in this dirty, polluted Chennai for another 3 weeks, and I have to survive on the appalams , milk and curd rice in C.E.G mess for that long time.. I cant avoid the self empathy building inside me, and my frustrations get increased on seeing Dale Steyns and Warne Parnells... It attains its peak during the so called soft skills lab, and C.arch and communication.. Giving an asymptotic run to this RH curve of frustration is the german classes in evenings.. The results of the first assessment make me feel lost... The District collector inside me is already in coma stage with no proper food for thought...

Another villian for me is in the form of the newspaper agent.. Without proper notice , he has stopped supplying newspapers to my room, and since sixth standard,I have never lived without Hindu.. I have stopped offering prayers , and it adds to the sins I am committing daily.. Even small things like searching for a misplaced room key irritates me..

I am not living my life... Even hosanna can't bring me back to my equilibrium state... I am experiencing the so called theory of "Engineering Islands".. That too with this huge land, and wi-fi connection inside room, C.E.G is one such island...

Ironically, NSS , which was a huge burden to me during first year and the boring and tiring work for club keeps me going..

Something good must happen.. I badly need a free weekend to go home...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

He is back

Ajith is back with his neat performance at asal.. The film does not have a great plot and all. It is very much an ordinary story.. The film spans only for 130 minutes.. Ordinary songs.. Poor dance.. The efforts of sameera in "kudhiraiku theriyum" song goes in vain, as ajith spoils the song... Also, "totatoing" will please only the die-hard thala fans.. For others,it will be irritating.. Only the intro song is watchable...The ajith hailing dialogues irritates at times.. Ajith smiles only once in the movie...

Still , his style and neat show makes the movie watchable...
Ajith really has some originality in him, unlike the thalapathies...

Love to read

The last 20 days had it all. I have started thinking of me much.. My IAS aspirations,my future, my dream car,placements,my school life,my evenings at home watching WWE,my first day in hostel, the most inspiring people in my life, the days when i sat infront of tv, hearing Harsha bhogle , Gavaskar , Geoffrey Boycott and Ravi Shastri.... What am I going to do for my country? What am I going to do for my society? Why should I waste my engineering degree? Why cant I be polite to all? Why people like me? Why people dont like me? What people expect from me? How my life would be when I have a sibling? How many people really care for me? For how many people I care honestly? How many lies speak in a day?

This is mind blowing..

I really have nothing to worry for.. The almighty is so kind to me in blessing me with good parents,a beautiful country and its loving people.. So many friends I have.. From my parents and grandparents to naveen(t) to gowtham to sabari to gnyanandha reddy(where are you?) to ramamurthy to deepak to ramakrishnan to prashanth to the vigneshs to prasanna to vinoth to santhosh to karthik to barathwaj to vivek to krishna to anand to sp to manibarathi to naveen(v,e) to tamil to vivek to jayaram to gopi to manikandan to radhika to shivakumar to sathish to shalimar to all hostelmates,classmates and schoolmates....( I cant type all of you names! Bear with me)... The list goes on and on and on... These days in CEG hostels are turning out to be a heaven in disguise.. The unbelievable fun we are having here is never going to come back to anyone of us..

How beautiful human life is? How many people I have crossed in my life? How fortunate I am by my birth? WOW!!

Let me come out of all my so called silly problems, and wish you all a very happy valentine's day!!

Love you all!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pic details: Prof. Bjarne Stroustrup , developer of c++ programming language..
Venue : CSE dept. seminar hall, CEG


Time: 1900 to 2025 [ This professor was too too punctual]

This pic answers everyone about what kurukshetra 10 is all about.. Pucca organisation...

It is not that easy to get UNESCO patronage , and we CEGians take pride in doing justice to each and every word in the main poster of K'10..

The day 0 of the event is better,bigger and more promising than that of previous year.. Till yesterday night, I was arguing that this edition will not be a big success.. Now , I happily reverse my very own words.. The schedule card is more exciting than that of the previous year... Events like "snap" and "treasure hunt" are new introductions and promises to be very innovative... Lectures and workshops will definitely be better than previous edition, and already the "robocrab" workshop today is said to have pulled around 225 participants...

Through K, the student community of CEG sends a strong signal to everyone...

Only the hostelers in chennai-25 will realise the significance of the last sentence....

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

History Unheralded

India is also affected by second world war!!

This statement would look absurd and most of you would not believe even after finish reading this post.. Ask someone who lived from 1942 to 1945.. They will know the impact of the war.. I am writing this post based on the experiences of my grandparents during their schooling days and this is not fictitious...

The famous 3 siren alarming system was hugely in practice in the major cities of British India.. 3 sirens will be sounded everyday , as a part of creating awareness among the general public, and it was as a part of the wartime training.. During the first siren , all the people walking on the road are supposed to find out the pits.. Such man-hole like pits were dug all along the main roads,as a measure to protect the citizens from Japanese aircrafts.. On hearing the second siren, everyone should hide themselves in the pit and on the third siren , all can come out of the pit, and can proceed with their routines..

The nazi swasthika symbols were supposed to be painted atop the high buildings and towers , to deceive the aircrafts that the place was captured by germans.. The famous Srivalliputhur temple gopuram is said to be painted with a swasthika at its top, which was visible from the planes...

These were the measures taken by the British Government on the wake of minor shelling at vishakapatnam and madras....

I am searching for books which has recorded India during the war time.. If anyone comes across sucha book accidentally , please inform me!!!