Friday, June 25, 2010


The last  6 weeks gave me a lot of time. I slept early , woke up late, spent a lot of time with my parents , visited relatives' home , attended functions , went to temples , saw ravanan the first day, saw India defeating Pakistan and destroying,demolishing Afridi's hopes , got satisfactory results, learnt car driving , did not waste time in the name of projects or interns.
Every good thing comes to an end. So are my beautiful holidays. Next week by this time , I would be in my college as a pre final year student , arguing with my friends for rahman , mani , dada , bavana , ajith , vikram and salem . Its one and a half months since I saw the beautiful , charming fortress called CEG.Gurunath stores , onion rava , snh , hostel, treats and my trademark mokka are going to be a part of my life again. I have got only two more years of college life left. I am looking forward to make the most of it, with all my friends.

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  1. Dai, blog more frequently da. Vetti guys like me need something interesting to read!