Monday, June 21, 2010


We live in a society where pronouncing 'thamizh' as 'tamil' is fancied. Many mothers speak with their kids in English.Taking up civil service after B.E is viewed as foolishness.Whereas getting a M.S from some foreign university and settling in foreign countries is seen as a sign of pride.People have started to forget their motherland and language.

This is a society where elders are treated with the least respect.Old age homes have started increasing.. Our old age homes lodge people who are parents of  the citizens of various countries. A survey says that only 20 % of the Indian students studying  abroad return to India for work. I am reminded of Sujatha writing in "Katradhum Petradhum" about his Diwali celebrations in states with the American grandchildren,born to  his Indian son.

A pension is not merely a money. It is the reward given by the  government for its employees for their work. While accompanying my grandpa to the state treasury for muster, it was destroying to hear this.. "ye. kezhadu. oru thadava sonna puriyadhu!", yelled an officer in treasury at an old man who is 75+. "thedi eduthuko po" , he throwed the register of that retired headmaster on the floor beside him. With shivering hands , a walking stick , he leaned on the floor to pick his register. That register should have contained something , which could savor his self  confidence. He should also be  like my grandfather only. Giving a fifty rupees to his grandson with a feeling of standing in his own legs and saying "Enna venumo vangiko" with a big smile of satisfaction.

Let us be Tamizhans(in your language tamilians) at heart at least.

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