Monday, April 05, 2010


The RTE and the emphasis which the media gives to it has baffled me. I personally feel there are a lot of loopholes in this RTE. As a responsible citizen , who stood in a long queue for almost 80 minutes to exercise my franchise in may 2009, I have all the rights to question my HRD minister.
  • Almost all parents are ready to send their children to school. But not all children are ready to go to school. REF: Ask any child working in any mechanic shop or workshop whether he is ready to go to school. What is the Government going to do to bring these children to school?
  • RTE makes it mandatory for all private schools to reserve 25% of seats for poor children. How will these 25% be selected? Interviews? GDs???? Or as usual cash for seat??
  • Why do children of Ministers and Government officials not studying in Government schools?
  • What is the Government going to do for improving the quality of school education?
  • Which is more important for Indian children.. Mere literacy or quality education?
  • In what way RTE will help the state Governments in improving the standard of schools and faculty?
  • What is the role of private sector?
  • If a child does not get his "Right" to get educated, even after the implementation of the act,who is to be blamed? who is to be penalised?