Sunday, November 08, 2009


It was sheer disappointmemt when the news of the cancellation of signals assess came. I have planned to pack up for home soon after the exam was over, now i have to wait till monday. Fed up with friday when we wrote tests for pds , electical machines lab and circuits lab back to back, the thought of getting free once and for all by saturday morning,was shattered. In sheer frustration i thought of watching movies, and spend my time lavishly. “National treasure” which i saw in the morning was an awesome movie with a nice plot and a good screenplay . Then in the afternoon I saw “Rang de basanti”, which is probably the only movie which made me think a lot. On seeing the climax of the movie i was so happy and satisfied. The success of the movie is that a person with a very very little hindi knowledge like me,could understand what the director came to say. Still, i am thinking of the dialogue which comes twice in the film. At first ,siddharth says , “ this country has no future”. Maddy will shoot back at him saying “ join politics , military , become ias”.. In the climax, siddharth repeats maddy's dialogue, and says he killed his very own father who was also corrupt. The soul of the film is rahman's music.. till now i am wondering about the bgm score, which is far far better than slumdog. If at all we want to portay India to the world,it should be in the “rang de” way and not in the “slumdog” way.