Thursday, December 02, 2010


It is great to have a cup of tea inhaling fresh air gazing at the beautiful mountain behind my home. . With a single 60 watt bulb and the lonely satellite of our planet to light it up, the terrace is the most beautiful place of our small home . We are barely a kilometre from the foothills of the mountain,which houses a lonely temple at its top. 10 years ago, there was hardly a green patch in this gigantic mountain. Thanks to the efforts of  jakki vasudev, the mountain has turned greener and we no more feel its radiations during hot summer. In ten years time, I am pretty sure that this mountain becomes as green as any hill in Yercaud. It is very hard to accept that I have to leave my hometown in three or four years time.
I am just wondering what sort of creatures those non returning Indians are!! It is shocking to know that 80% of Indian students going abroad for studies never return back to India.  How can they miss their homes, their families, their loved ones for the sake of stupid careers? What sort of bloody satisfaction do those American dollars and British pounds give them? What makes them run blindly behind money ? What are they going to achieve in life by means of huge bank balances ? Leaving their aged parents in loneliness and not attending them even during their last days, what really drives them is quite a mystery.
Only donkeys can eat paper money.