Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to look back

It is time for reviews of the year in blogs and media all over the world , and it won't be fair on my part not to look back at the year , which is declared as the most peaceful year in the history of jammu and kashmir since independence.. The year 2009 will be remembered for many reasons , but there are some things which we cannot forget very easily..

Barack Hussain Obama rewrote history in his own style.. Michael Jackson's mysterious death and A.R.Rahman's "jai ho" took the music world by storm.. Liberated Tigers of Tamil Ealam and Velupillai Prabhakaran were in news for half of the year.. Election comission of India successfully conducted world's largest elections ever, and Dr.Manmohan singh became only the second Indian Prime Minister to retain his chair at 7 RCR after a full term.. Rahul gandhi shocked Indian politics with his U.P. heroics..

Tamil nadu got its first deputy chief minister , and power cuts were at its peak.. Muthukumaran literally forced the state government to shut down all the colleges for a week.. Andhra lost YSR.. Telengana issue is still a burning issue there.. Maharashtra , Andhra pradesh , Jharkand were among the states which went to assembly elections..

Indian cricket had a very ordinary year with losses in Champion's trophy , World T20 and the home series against Australia... The only good news was receiving the ICC test championship mace..

Tamil cinema lost Nagesh.. No thalaivar movies and no maniratnam movies this year and for the year which started with "villu" and ended with "vetaikaran" , the likes of "nadodigal" and "pasanga" came as a relief..

Overall, 2009 was more eventful and , for India it was more peaceful than 2008..