Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Antha arabi kadaloram

Despite a very long travel , poor organization and a worse food crisis for vegetarians, goa IV is certainly one of the best things in my life so far. A terrific rain in goa, saturday being a holiday in the oceanography institute(our iv spot), the DJ nite at cruise , the restaurants which price beers at Rs.15 and water at Rs.20, the beautiful train journey along the konkan coast , the mind blowing journey standing at the steps of the train,screaming something. yelling O's and Aaaaa's for almost everything. ( My favourite one was "EF batch attu figure ku oru aaaa podu") , watching Narasimma movie in bus, going for a trekking and reaching the top of a hill to have a look at the centuries old caves, shooting of narasimma-2 with anand sir and sayeed sir. Hmmmmmm.. These 5 days will never come back again in my life.