Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to look back

It is time for reviews of the year in blogs and media all over the world , and it won't be fair on my part not to look back at the year , which is declared as the most peaceful year in the history of jammu and kashmir since independence.. The year 2009 will be remembered for many reasons , but there are some things which we cannot forget very easily..

Barack Hussain Obama rewrote history in his own style.. Michael Jackson's mysterious death and A.R.Rahman's "jai ho" took the music world by storm.. Liberated Tigers of Tamil Ealam and Velupillai Prabhakaran were in news for half of the year.. Election comission of India successfully conducted world's largest elections ever, and Dr.Manmohan singh became only the second Indian Prime Minister to retain his chair at 7 RCR after a full term.. Rahul gandhi shocked Indian politics with his U.P. heroics..

Tamil nadu got its first deputy chief minister , and power cuts were at its peak.. Muthukumaran literally forced the state government to shut down all the colleges for a week.. Andhra lost YSR.. Telengana issue is still a burning issue there.. Maharashtra , Andhra pradesh , Jharkand were among the states which went to assembly elections..

Indian cricket had a very ordinary year with losses in Champion's trophy , World T20 and the home series against Australia... The only good news was receiving the ICC test championship mace..

Tamil cinema lost Nagesh.. No thalaivar movies and no maniratnam movies this year and for the year which started with "villu" and ended with "vetaikaran" , the likes of "nadodigal" and "pasanga" came as a relief..

Overall, 2009 was more eventful and , for India it was more peaceful than 2008..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ameti vs Ahmedabad

With the news of Advani stepping down and Kalaignar's desire to be "one among the people" doing rounds in media , its time for the reporters and historians to sketch articles hailing them as crusaders of indian politics.. It has to be accepted that , both these men revolutionised Indian politics.. It was Advani's astute politics which laid the foundation for India getting an excellent prime minister.. No one can match Karunanidhi's political experience and he is among the most astute politicians the country has ever seen.. They may not be liked by everyone...But , they deserve a farewell , and this is time for political parties to shift gears and to pass on the baton to the next generation.. This is the impact a young politician like Rahul gandhi can impose on Indian politics..

Those who laugh at me when i say it will be Rahul vs Modi at 2014 , here is yet another reason why Modi is a very good administrator..A couple of days back , Gujarat assembly passed a bill making voting mandatory.. This is definitely a path breaking move and brings the much needed relief and hope for Indian democracy which is plagued by caste politics and violence..The policy makers at delhi sould learn lessons from this man , and should pass an ordinance immediately to ensure that democracy survive...

Clearly , Modi and Rahul will dictate terms at Delhi atleast for the next 10 years...So please start observing these two men... I will write about these two men again in this same blog by december 2019..

Saturday, December 12, 2009


We are speaking much about gdp,growth rate,recession,poverty,unemployment,globalisation,liberalisation..Too much of noise is being made at lok sabha about the liberhan commission.. Even after the prime minister magnanimously apologised for a mp's remark on vajpayee , the opposition benches are still shouting at the well of the house.. Resolution is passed congratulating the Indian cricket team.. I am very much worried whether our representatives really have atleast the slightest care for us..

In the last 10 years, I myself has seen the disappearance of farm lands and grazing lands.. The farmer near our house has sold 60% of his land.. And his agricultural fields, which were once watered by the chill water from the "pumpsets" have now turned into concrete streets and stagnant drainages.. I cannot see the tall coconut trees which once served as our boundary lines, anymore..

This is not the case with my area or my town alone.. The farm lands in all the three tier cities of our nation is fast disappearing... The main reason for this is the poor returns which the farmers get.. A farmer has to work for 3 to 4 months to raise a crop.. He has to pay wages to the labourers, pay for transportation and the find market.. The profit which a farmer gets is very very less when we consider the efforts which he puts in..

The next big issue is the disappearance of grazing lands.. Due to the real estate industry, each and every piece of land is turned into a plot.. Cows dont have any land left to graze for.. The recent rise in the milk price is an alarming indication..Adding to these miseries is the rise in price of pesticides and fodder for cattle..If this continues, we would have to import rice,wheat and milk powder from abroad.. It is absolutely impossible to import food stuffs for 110 million people..

The "manbumigu" representatives must push liberhans and politics aside, and take necessary steps to ensure that india is self sufficient to feed itself.. Else , 20 years from now on,we would die of starvation..


Yet another december 12..

A time to remember and thank god for having blessed me with beautiful , wonderful and caring people over these 19 years.. Its a gift to be born as an Indian , and to speak tamil.. 19 years have rolled on in no time and I have stepped into the last year of my teenage:(.. 19 years from now on, I should have achieved something remarkable in my life..

Today I received the maximum number of phone calls and maximum number of messages on a single day, a record which i can boast of..Also this is the first 12/12 since 1993 an exam is not in my mind during my birthday.. I think my birthday as an opportunity to remember all those hearts which cared for me, smiled , laughed and cried with me , for me.. Thank you all for everything

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The most joyous, longest and the most eventful semester in my college life so far... Right from day 1 , when the results of the previous semester were announced , nothing went wrong, but for some silly quarrels with the caring hearts.. I witnesssed the most significant concert in India in 2009, bought my laptop, thought much about myself, started analysing the world around me in detail,made good friends, earned no enemies.This semester gave me everything.. We had many reasons to smile and fill the hostel rooms with thundering laughters, and blunt(est) jokes...

Kannathil muthamital,Michael madhana kamarajan, sillunu oru kaadhal,Grudge,2012,mouna raagam(first half).. This is the list of movies which i saw during my semester examinations.. In all probability , I would lose my "9 pointer" and thereby, the most irritating "pandu" tag as soon as the results are out..It was extremely difficult to retain the interest of writing the exams for 20 days.. Somehow, all of us managed to finish the examinations...Now , its time to quote sujatha's dialogue in anniyan "rest eduthu rest eduthu tired agi rest edukaren".. Happy holidays

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


He taught me cricket.. When my grandma taught wat is a boundary, sachin was the batsman.. When i was wondering whether anyone can hit a six off a fast bowler, sachin smashed michael kasprowickz into the sharjah crowd.. Still i remember that particular match.. Unbelievable 143 against aussies at sharjah!! It was the match and sachin was the man who pulled me for cricket.. In the last 11 years I dont know even a single instance when sachin rolled on the floor and kissed the pitch for a century.. He was not chewing bubble gums , while the national anthem was played on the world cup finals.. He rarely blames the pitch.. " He chased a south affrican spectator and pulled him down , for snatching his Indian cap" , wrote vijay lokapally on The hindu dated 15.11.09..
He returned to national duty , right after his father's funeral.. Still I remember the sachin who looked into the heavens for 2 extra seconds , on course of his 140 against kenya... That was his first century after his father's demise... Thanks to the espn star cameraman , who focussed on the eyes of spectators , as soon as sachin scored his century... The tears shed there by those people and millions back home, tells who sachin is , amd wat he means to us..Anyone would have forgot his fourth innings century at chepauk.. certainly not I.. I was just 10 kilometres and 50 rupees away from watching it.. But for mathematics 1 , nothing prevented me from seeing sachin.. I dont know when the next test match will be played at chennai.. I dont know whether I will have a glimpse of the hero in my lifetime.. I missed a chance for seeing the man, who after scoring 87 international centuries , said his best moment in international cricket waas when he got his indian cap.. Thanks to his recent "I am an indian first" comment,Sachin is the only indian who unified all the political parties..
Dhoni right now shoulders the huge responsibility of giving sachin his most wanted gift, the world cup.. Let the street-smart captain keep in mind that if at all cricket has to survive in the country, sachin should announce his retirement from international cricket only after touching the golden cup with his golden hands... Else , it is very obvious that he will be asked to step down , not only by all indian cricket fans , but by all sachinists...

Sunday, November 08, 2009


It was sheer disappointmemt when the news of the cancellation of signals assess came. I have planned to pack up for home soon after the exam was over, now i have to wait till monday. Fed up with friday when we wrote tests for pds , electical machines lab and circuits lab back to back, the thought of getting free once and for all by saturday morning,was shattered. In sheer frustration i thought of watching movies, and spend my time lavishly. “National treasure” which i saw in the morning was an awesome movie with a nice plot and a good screenplay . Then in the afternoon I saw “Rang de basanti”, which is probably the only movie which made me think a lot. On seeing the climax of the movie i was so happy and satisfied. The success of the movie is that a person with a very very little hindi knowledge like me,could understand what the director came to say. Still, i am thinking of the dialogue which comes twice in the film. At first ,siddharth says , “ this country has no future”. Maddy will shoot back at him saying “ join politics , military , become ias”.. In the climax, siddharth repeats maddy's dialogue, and says he killed his very own father who was also corrupt. The soul of the film is rahman's music.. till now i am wondering about the bgm score, which is far far better than slumdog. If at all we want to portay India to the world,it should be in the “rang de” way and not in the “slumdog” way.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Now its surya's time.. As soon as "Aadhavan" released, messages ridiculing surya flooded my inbox... Ultimates and ilaya (how long!) thalapathies are not so sensational in the last week... But , this flop has infact popularised surya greatly... It has united the vijay and ajith fans against him, and has created something called " die hard surya fans" which itself is a good sign for the emerging king of kollywood... The biggest cause of concern is that surya is not assured of a box office hit with his next venture also.. Hari has given more number of flops than hits... Well, these are testing times for the only young tamil hero who has the potential to give good films consistently and continuously... Lets see how he passes it..

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I am in the last few days of what is probably the best month in my life...The month started with a shock surprise of getting a companion and a ticket for the concert , which is followed by the concert itself.. Till now i cant believe that I have seen Him... I lived a dream..Then came diwali.. As usual , it was colourful and sweetful... Then came Resonance , case study , project,agni and all... Throughout the month i received my second assess papers , much to the envy of many... If at all a month comes, let it be like this october.. Let it teach me the real beauty of life.. Not only to me, but to all my fellow Indians.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Its three years since I bought crackers for the festival.... When I speak of diwali, some of you would think of child labors in sivakasi, some of you would think of the recent accidents in the state,some of you would think of the ozone layer, as if your lab air conditioners and refrigerators in home does not harm the protective layer..Those who think so, don't read further...

Those who speak of child labours should first find out the root of the problem.... First they must learn how many children are willing to study , in their present family situations....Can they provide them with 20 rupees per day and food for them...Can they punish the agents who bring child labours to the factories.... Can you seal the factories which recruit children..?? As long as broken families and drunkard fathers are there, these things will continue...

Diwali is the real face of the Indian unity... It shows to the world that we are all happy... It teaches us how to share with our neighbours and relatives... It is probably the only festival, which is celebrated by all the communities, all over the country... We are no more celebrating the victory of good over evil... We are celebrating our pride... we are showing the world that though we are all divided by religion and communities , we all have something connecting us.... This is probably the worst of my posts.... cos, so many things flash across my mind when i think of diwali.. so unique it is..

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Everyone in the EF batch has been anticipating this day for quite a long time... Whenever we planned for an IV, some obstacle was on our way... The reasons for the postponement of the so called " one day IV", ranged from unavailability of permission letter to unavailability of bus.... Finally the wait is over today... All of us really had a memorable trip ... Though it lacked the characteristic "o podu" and "la le la la"s , everyone enjoyed it in their own style.. I was happy to be a part of the first bench gang, cracking blunt jokes and irritating almost everyone as usual.... This time, we reserved the last benches for us....

It was a first time experience for me to visit an industry, and when I came to know that it was dell, there can hardly be any reasons for not to be happy...As soon as we got into the plant, we were given some id proof, and were taken to the canteen.. From there we were taken to a hall, in which some senior manager addressed us.. The way he interacted with us made some of us to refer it as "The wonderful part of the trip"..... He thoroughly explained how dell is taking its brand to the people... I realized that some really good thinking was behind dell's success.... Then , as usual , we were taken to the plant... I wondered at the speed with which they were assembling the parts , and was shocked to see the entire system being assembled in a time of less than ten minutes.... Almost everything was automatic, but for the very few manual interventions at some stages...I remembered our physics mam refering to the quote by sujatha " technology is more powerful than swamiji"

All these things apart , one thing really impressed me... Almost everyone in the plant were Tamilians...... Really the special economic zones like this are generating employment for both skilled and unskilled people.... It is good that the Tamil Nadu government is making the right moves in policy making by attracting foreign investments.... At least 2000 Tamil families are benefiting from DELL...

This may sound simple and pretty ordinary.. But, please remember,Dell is just one of the many such plants in the sipcot... !!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


The day which is going to be one of the most memorable days in my life, provided the rain god shows his mercy on the people of Chennai… The SUPER SUNDAY that I am looking forward for months and years…. The day when the maestro sings ”dil se re…”with his eyes closed and ten fingers on his keyboard……Just when I gave up the hope of going to the concert, as I had no proper companion,the most unexpected call from naveen came, saying that he is standing in odyssey… wow!!!!! God helps me often, now in the form of naveen!!! But, I am not over excited, since this is the monsoon season.. I am keeping my fingers crossed… come 10/11…... till then the number of systoles and diastoles will be on the rise....

Friday, September 04, 2009


This is the very first post about my home town... Actually i thought of writing about the city , but my visit to a temple in the car street irritated me a lot.. For a long time ,the city police were allowing the movement of buses only through the bazaar street, which has forced the pedestrians , comprising a majority of women and seniors citizens , to keep off the street ... Yesterday i was shocked to see a government bus making a sharp L turn in the car street... The bus drivers literally seemed careless while driving through the first agraharam... There must be some reason for the divertion of the town buses through the car street, but the police should take strict measures to ensure that the town buses, particularly the private ones, sail through the congested streets , without frightening the pedestrians... Atleast before the navrathri season begins, some steps have to be taken... Else the pedestrians will be put into a huge trouble, when they go for a diwali shopping..!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


click here The photo speaks volumes of our 15-year old bond........ but it gets better and stronger as it grows...

Friday, August 14, 2009

WHO OR WHAT IS...........

What is friendship ? Who is a friend ?

To say in my maths sir's style " 10 different people will give 11 different answerrs".. so difficult it is to define friendship.... Generally, a friend is someone who will quarrel with u for one whole hour for a silly reson... he is someone with whom u can talk upto 3 a.m in a hostel room... he is someone who understands u better... a person who can assure u "I am with u" .... who can wipe ur tears.... who can make you laugh when you are in distress... who can think your problems as his problem ... who can correct your mistakes...

And finally , he is one who can make fun of u when u write something like this.......... and say " mokka ... inime blog eludhina setha da nee"....

Thank u my dear friend.....



Tomorrow is not a holiday to be spent infront of tv sets ..... Tomorrow is a day when we should remember our leaders and recognize our freedom... If we are not independent , u and I cant sit infront of laptops like this... u and I cant message each other... who knows , even we could not talk to each other freely...

Think how independent we are today.... We are developing nuclear submarines and chandrayans.. we are producing sachins and rahmans... we are painting our tricolour in moon..... we are one among the G-20.... we found the asian games... India is influencing the world of cricket... ours is the only country where 440 million people select a government unanimously.... we are all set to be the world leader in several fields in the years to come....

Just think of... Who are responsible for these.... How many people would have lost their lives for us? How many people would have shunned their comfort and worked for the nation? How many people lost their jobs for the sake of the nation? How many soldiers have lost their lives while battling with the enemy troops in the wars with our neighbours? How many policemen have lost their lives in violence ?

We are living because of them.....

Let us just spend atleast five minutes in silence tomorrow, thinking of our leaders.... Let us always remember and say proudly that "I am an indian"!!! It is the way we can pay tribute to our motherland.....


August 13 , 2009.......

The day which ensured India a gold medal in 2012 Olympics..... The most unrecognised Indian lady M.C.Marykom would be jumping out of joy.... The 4-time women boxing world champion have to wait just three more years to bag an Olympic gold.... Her long wait has nearly come to an end,with the governing body of Olympic games finally agreeing to include women's boxing in Olympic games....

But the second happiest Indian on that day was this writer.....

My parents finally said a firm"yes" to my I.A.S dreams.....
The thought of taking up the u.p.s.c. exam flashed in my mind, in 2006 when I went to the colector's bungalow to receive a prize for some low-affair quiz competition.... His room,his power, his bungalow,his driver, the people waiting to meet him, all made me to think something new..... Then came 26,january,2007.... I was waiting in the gallery of the gandhi stadium in salem to see my mother receive the award for "The best teacher" for that year.... suddenly a car came...Everybody in the gallery stood up.. All the top government officials were waiting for that car..... I thought "one day i should be there"...

Since then, I am dreaming of that car and of that bungalow... I sincerely believe that I can clear the upsc, which is termed by Wikipedia as "the toughest competitive exams in the world".... the acceptance rate for upsc is 0.01% which means i have to be 1 in 10000.... All these stats never threatened me , since i know wat i am capable of......

But,the huge reluctance displayed by my parents bothered me a lot.... I can't deny the facts told by them till now... I too consistently said " I need job satisfaction... I need to take part in my people's upliftment"... Finally they have given up.... yesterday I was happy to hear " Go ahead"...

The only hurdle now is my desire..... my mind wavered a lot when I saw two things....
1. when i saw the notice board of placement cell in my college...
2.when i came across the news "I.A.S officers transferred"..

But, the only answer to all these questions and doubts is " Why should i lead a normal life?"

So M.C.Marykom will be saying "Come on 2012"...
And i can scream confidently and happily " Come on 2015"..

Friday, July 03, 2009


The first week of July sounded my entry into the second year of my college life... It started with several uncertainities looming over hostel admissions and results..... I arrived in Chennai on Sunday itself to avoid last minute rush..... Finally the hostel admissions were over by Tuesday, and the most unexpected and stunning results came by that afternoon....a 9.x again..... And i felt as if I were in a dream..... a multiplying factor of 1.09 and 1.07 in two subjects worked in my favor and the results did not take much out of me as I knew I got more than I deserved....... I felt really sorry for a couple of guys in my class who really should have scored higher...... I understood that the results are the most elusive things in the college..... Then the classes started , went on greatly , without any major twists until Friday morning... then came the most unexpected announcement to the shock of many..... It rocked the college almost and destroyed the aspirations of a few people ....... then as usual houseful canteens , congested "kutti sevuru" , long queues in atm and banks , rush in mess , midnight chats , mokka jokes , etc............

Friday, June 26, 2009


Earlier in 09, we went to a children's hostel, which is more or less an orphanage.......some photos from there.......

some of my camp photos..........

Thursday, June 25, 2009


25 june,09.

middle class,

The prime minister,
Government of India.

Respected Sir,
Some 45 days back, I stood in a long queue to vote .... When i went to vote many a things flashed in my mind...... my son's education, increasing prices of commmodities, low interest rates for deposits,towering rates of petrol,gold.... my daughter's marriage...the candidates of ruling and opposition parties....the corruptive politics....a parliament filled with walking sticks and cash bags......the respect and response given to me in government offices...oops...nothing would change.... I took a decision not to vote for anybody.....

But by that time, I have come near the polling booth......I saw the government officials working sincerely and systematically,making good arrangements for the electIons....I saw physically challenged people and elderly people coming to vote.....I wondered what took them to the booths....Though some were bribed to vote, many people have come out for a cause... I thought of how the people had changed the fortunes of big leaders and big parties in the past.... as I have stood in the queue bearing the merciless sun for about an hour, I was reluctant to go back without registering my I pressed some button in the evm and went back...

Then results came.... I was happy that a stable government was ready to be formed with a non political and a highly educated person as its head....It surprised me when young ministers took oath.....and gave me some signals of a possible change in the near future........but....

Nothing has changed in the past fifty days..... except the ministers and the ministries....Though it is not possible to change things so quickly , your cabinet is capable of doing that.....Dont think I will forget ur election promises.....and in a cabinet comprising of 14 lawyers and 4 doctorate holders, of whom 9 were former chief ministers of states , you can never fail unless your government is power corrupted..... I am keenly watching you and your govt. everyday...... rather than my well being , it is my son s future which i am concentrating at.... I will expect the same from you too.... please dont turn into yet another politician....


middle class citizen.

Monday, June 22, 2009


These are the very first words which anyone can hear on entering the historic Chennai central..Like many people , these words mean a lot to me....The majesty and warmth with which the central welcomes its passengers had not been recognised by many so far....It is the only south indian railway station to welcome with wide opened hands nearly a lakh people everyday....The regular passengers include students , IT professionals , Government officials and businessmen.....The geographic location of chennai and its economic significance nurtures this marvellous place with a wide variety of passengers...... We could easily hear telugu, malayalam and hindi anywhere in and around the platforms....It would be absolutely enthralling to see a Rajasthani lady with a baby in her lap , a Bihari businessman , a Malayali student and a typical Tamilian sharing the same row in the longue.... What a diverse nation India is !!!

The saravana bavans , rathna cafes , aaavin parlours and the aquafina dispensaries inside the station would definitely be among the most crowded places in chennai....... chennai central teaches its people the theory of "survival of the fittest ".... U need to be on your toes to get into a general compartment and book your place....Also u must learn some really difficult things like sharing a single-seater(!) with a co passenger...... The elderly people will have a hard time once they do not reseve tickets for their journey......

However the central has a lot of negative things such as the rats and mice boarding the trains...The situation gets worse when the nasty rain lashes 'singara chennai' , with the pathway outside the central as well as the path between central and he park station gets flooded....Also in festive times and during holidays , there would be a near- stampede situation....

Notwithstanding the above factors , the chennai central is a pride not only for madrasis but for any indian , as the place often reminds people that "India is a diverse yet a united nation ".... It consistently teaches the divisive forces that no one can seperate the mighty Indians permanently..... Chennai central is the real face of India ........

Sunday, June 21, 2009


The title explains my NSS camp experience at a small village called somangalam near tambaram...Last week was one of the most memorable weeks of my life ,to say the least......With encouraging seniors turning into caring siblings and students turning into singers , dancers , directors , screenplay writers , choreographrers ,the camp was more thrilling than I expected ....The stay at school and early wake ups (with girls waking up as early as 3 o clock in the midnight ) initially worried us..... but that pain was encountered with happiness in the later days....

The school was gifted with a very big ground ... And we boys played cricket in that paradise with a lot of happiness..... I dropped a couple of catches and managed to hold on one.......The josh of the game made all our seniors and even our sir to join us.....One day , we woke up at five o clock in the morning to play....... The way we played brought girls to the ground......On the penultimate day we started playing mixed doubles in badminton ....And the most popular game was a new version of "monkey" played with a ring ball......We had all the fun and were drenched in happiness....We had a lot of masti with our seniors .......We conducted a tobacco awareness program for the school students with the guidance of the Adyar cancer institute.....We learnt with great astonishment that atleast one member of the families of those children were under the 'tobacco effect'.. So that campaign will definitely make atleast some of those young minds to restrain from tobacco..... The 'disaster mangement program' on the final day was very much boring,yet very very useful.... We were taught some first aid techniques which would help us sometime in the future....... Since we were not at a comfortable position for a village visit,we were mostly restriced to the school premises..... We cleaned the school campus and also took tuitions for the school students after their school hours......The only hitch was the forgetttable minor accident of the science exhibition bus in which the girls travelled for a primary school in the village....Fortunately they escaped with minor injuries........

Apart from never ending fun , we learned a lot of things from the camp such as placing others before self , team work , appreciating the work of a team member and some people learnt how to lead from the front..... The interaction with seniors were very helpful in more than one way.... We got many people who can care for us......We were amazed by the way the camp was organised.....But for some very very negligible hiccups , the programs were on track..... It's not that easy to manage with a strength of 60, comprising nearly 35 girls.....The seniors never showed that pressure on their faces.....

The camp ended with a typical 'camp fire' event and with an unexplainable feeling of sadness......The tears shed at the final meeting were not from the eyes of the volunteers but from their heart.......

Saturday, June 06, 2009


With the T20 championship underway , every Indian including me is expecting dhoni to lift the trophy again....Commentory debutant Dada has written in "The Hindu" that he is backing india for a berth in final.... On the other hand The Netherlands captain smits has said yesterday that he is looking forward to finals......

In this format both can or cannot happen....

The first few days of the competition itself had seen a lot of drama with symmo turning indisciplined once again thereby putting a potential fullstop to his own cricketing career, the appearance of the entire indian team for the press meet showing that they are united(really?!),and cancellation of the opening ceremony , and an unexpected result in the opening match itself.....

In many ways this edition will be more interesting than the inaugural edition,with no clear favorites and nearly 6 teams of equal strength,its upto the minnows to upset the party.....

Though it is very risky to guess in a T20 tourament , I cant stop myselves from predicting...

My bet for the semis are the promising indians under dhoni, the determined South Africans under smith, the attacking kiwis under Vettori and a rejuvenated lankans under sanga..... i am not ruling out pakistan or windies but lanka has a better chance to be in the last four.... I may be proved wrong for writing off the aussies but I strongly feel that they are comin without hayden,gilli nad its very much unlikely that aussies will take the honours.......a miraculous form should be exhibited by marsh,watson,husseys and johnson along with the captain and his deputy to win the tournament....but i feel thats highly unlikely......

This would be the best chance for South Africa which missed out the semis narrowly last year and also for Newzealand to seal their first world crown....... but lets may be smith or even smits...lets wait till june 21....


Watch out ananda vikatan for the best review of the movie ......
But I feel puratchithalapathi is trying to imitate ilayathalapathi as everyone would have felt.... But ultimately he fails....
Though santhanam - mayilsami combo make us to laugh at sometimes ,mostly it turns out to be an overdose....... with santhanam employing "double meaning" words as usual....... vishal needs to do something atleast in the next film to satisfy his fans......

The promising young hero with a possibly huge latent talent must be careful in choosing the stories for next time atleast.....
1. shriya as heroine.. storyline will surely not be different , to say the least( hopin tat kandasamy would be an exception) .....
2.never go to a commercial tamil film until u r bored to death....
3.if at all u go,take ur mobile phones to theatre.....they may help u with games and messages

Monday, June 01, 2009


Its 20 days since my holidays began and now i am looking forward for my college to reopen.....But still 30 days left for it.....The absence of my friends did hurt me a lot and these holidays are the most , most boring holidays .... I have tried everything these holidays right from studying(!) to sleeping..... but no way..... the hands of the clock behave as if they are acting in a fevicol ad......the people who save me are my grandparents... they engage me to some extent ...... i will get most of my friends back in this steel city by this week.... but again my ill fate i have got all my domestic assignments this week.... this feels like watching all the knockout matches of a grandslam and not watching the finals....... oops! its all in the game again..... let these boring and useless holidays pass by sooner rather than later....


From shravan kumar & co in australia i have to learn the following things
Indians are not respected abroad as a common middle class indian think......
Indians will unite only in times of crisis
I should not go to Australia and should drop my life time ambition of watching a match in scg
All carreer guidance experts who recommended australian universities should go on a holiday now to save themselves from public wrath

Monday, May 18, 2009


440 million voters.......have given a very very clear verdict.....To analyse the verdict let us take a look into thre results of andhra pradesh...........congress has got 30 out of 42 in lok sabha whereas a comparatively meagre 150 out of 294 in the legislative assembly..........this gives us a crystal clear picture of how the people look at the state and central issues separately......the anti incumbency was for ysr (that too to some extent ) and not for our non political pm.
Moreover it is a verdict for Mr.Manmohan whose honesty and sincerity and non political status fetched him something which even sonia gandhi would not have expected........Fine....India is changing now according to the world scenario and is being viewed as the second fastest growing economy......... for this change to continue we need a stable one way i think the people have given not only a clear verdict but also a punishing verdict for the opportunistic parties ........ The new government should do something to respect the people s verdict ...... else they would be thrown off next time...........the winners know it very well than me.........


We have finally got a man who seems to be genuine...the person who has got all the qualifications to be our saviour.....he really took me away when he went to sultanpur to greet and thank his supporters rather than basking in glory at janpath...........he was really ridiculed when he took the decision of going alone in uttar pradesh.....but now that move ensured upa those crucial and the most unpredictable 21 seats......he is the man whom we need .... he is the only youth political icon in our country.......he is the only politician who encourages youth to get involved in politics....and please dont call him as a gandhi .......... he has come from the grassroot of the party unlike his parents ...... unlike vijayakanth he was active even at the non-election periods.........this fellow is the only person who can change the face of politics in our country...... yes he can make INDIA 2020 a reality.....come on rahul......India needs u more than congress does........Pl take up the responsibility.............

Saturday, March 21, 2009


All set for the freebies to be distributed and for the political parties to reveal how good they are and more importantly how bad their (current) political enemies are.........all set for the loudspeakers to bang.............all set for the national leaders to take a tour of india.............all set for the political parties to make resolutions to make india stronger........after 3 years people, the castes and votes will come into the minds of political channels will start the countdown and will start conducting exit polls anticipating a huge profit from all grounds

Hold on my dear friends.............dont think that the people can be fooled ...........................
The polticians well know that they cant cheat the people.............
Here I mean the people who turn out on the e-day to exercise their democratic duties and not the people who enjoy that day as a holiday

I bet u frens the lady who sells mangoes to us knows who would be the next m.p. of our constituency ......
No exit poll can predict as accurately as her
Of course she will be bribed heavily either for voting or for attending the rallies like any other Indian voter .....but she knows wat and wat not this government has done.....she spoke to me about a lady who is ruling kasi(mayavati) and also about the "train" minister.....which stunned me

she is the real face of India and not the news channels which give us poll updates 24x7
k.coming back
I am interested particularly on this elections because this is the first time that i am going to vote.................
The Indian E.C. has recognised me as a voter and thanks to the preponed sem exams.............
yeah............I am going to vote..........................

Friday, February 27, 2009

நெஞ்சம் கனக்கிறது

my dear frens this is a forward mail which came to take the resolution......................................




catch the telecast on isaiaruvi soon.
dont miss atleast the telecast

Monday, February 23, 2009





Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My dear frens out there,I wanna say u wats special in my college this week around.(cetainly not the internals)This weekend ,our college will be in the record books for hosting the largest ever non commercial concert in tamil nadu.The singer who has consented for the concert is none other than the KING OF GAZALS, the ever entertaining HARIHARAN.This is the first time he is in a college for a cultural event.Hope all the securities in our college are going to face a huge problem this weekend.

And wats the necessity to invite hariharan?????

It is for the closing ceremony of the most awaited cultural event of the year "TECHOFES 2009".After the resounding success of "KURUKSHETRA"(refer ananda vikatan,hindu,or any other daily for more infos)our seniors are geared up to prove to the world the might of CEG.After the IIT SAARANG which suffered from a lack of celebrity star power and some poorly organised events TECHOFES is all set to become the "CHENNAI FESTIVAL" .
We are expecting the turnout to be 20000,far exceeding last year,s 15000.

All are most welcome.

Watch out this blog next tuesday evening to know about the events and schedules.

NOTE:4 more enthralling superstars from cine field are expected to entertain us.who are they???????????keep guessing upto 11th.

jus follow this link for more info:::::

Monday, February 02, 2009


How many of u remember the shaky voices of your first friends everyday?How many of u call them atleast once in 10 days?How many of u really feel grandparent sick?????
Then jus join me .lets form a community for them in orkut.
When both of ur parents are workin,then surely ur grand ma would be a very close relation to you next only to your mother.For me,my grand ma is more than a best friend.She taught me everything in my life,from chess to carrom to cricket to shuttle to ramayana to demon to god to gandhiji to nehru to ................................................................................................................................................................................obama.An excellent singer,she had got a seat from travancore music academy in 1950.But the social clutches prevented her from getting a degree.No one in this world can cook like her.She worries a lot about me that she enquired about my safety after the mumbai atttacks,as if i was in mumbai.
Her affection and love for me is incomparable.

I must say about the person who first taught me to walk and first showed me the train and he is the one who should have been the most knowledgeable person by now.My grandpa.He taught me to be punctual and honest.If i become an i.a.s. officer tomorrow,it should be because of him who often refers"the honest politicians died after 1967 and india was paralysed after that".He also believes that the position of india would have been different , when India had remained as an english colony until late 70's.

Another grand pa whose arteries were blocked 18 years ago was a personification of will power.He came all the way to my college on the reopening day.He was nearly at tears to see me in hostel.Surely he is the most innocent person i have met in my life.

Finally another grand ma who is no more now instilled a strong faith of god in me.I can bet that i can argue with anyone of u that god is omnipresent .she made me understand the things better.She was a knowledge powerhouse.So so brainy.No one can solve the cross word puzzles as fast as her.

These four people are surely my role models.They were ,are and will bridge the energy gap between me and my parents.(jus have a thinkin.this is absolutely true)
My dear friends.When u r back in home next time,jus hold the veiny hands of ur grandparents and talk with them.U r not goin to have a relation like that again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This article is strictly for non CEGians.
I am writing this to celebrate the only UNESCO sponsered student activity in our country,the KURUKSHETRA 2009.
I am writing this blog when a lot of young engineers are fighting for their prestige and for the prestige of their respective colleges. It is almost a shock for me when the contestants successfully worked on creating a computer language k++ in a very short time.The online registrations has created a lot of dissappointment for many a contestants as they really were unaware of them.

The students stunned the spectators by creating rockets with just water and plastic bottles.The parts of a wind mill were also in the display.There was an Exhibition in which the unravelled achievements of Indian scientists were revealed.
I am feeling proud to call me as a CEGian after seeing the way my seniors from various departments co ordinated to conduct this mega mega event.
Brian M.Jennings,the oscar nominee for visual efffects,and also the person behind films like "Dasavatharam","Exorcist" made a special speech and demonstrated the way in which the shots of the above mentioned films were shot.
Dr.Ganesh Natarajan,chairman of NASSCOM,and Dr.Naveed N.Hussain,Vice president Boeing India were the other dignitaries to share their knowledge with us.
The most stunning thing was that a techno management festival like this had many participants from public.
Two more days are still left out during which many other dignateries including Dr.M.Annadurai are scheduled to be in the college.
Being the best non-IIT college in the country,we have to do this .Yes,Its our duty.
If you have missed this event , I am sorry.Its your bad luck.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Let's stop saying Happy Pongal atleast from this year.Lets wish our dear ones in Thamizh(not tamil)atleast on this day.
Let the culture of colourful Rangolis,yummy pongal,prayers to sun,going to the native village(if u still have contact with it),new releases,vacations predoinate the cellphone messages.
let us have our lunch atleast on tomorrow without the irritating beeptones.

I sent this message on tuesday night to AIRTEL and VODAFONE customer care centers.


Sunday, January 11, 2009


This blog is meant only for those who have written the board examinations last year and on the year before and for those who lament over the abolition of entrance examinations.Some of you might have benefited from the abolition of entrance examinations...some of you may have been badly affected by the abolition of that so called additional burden....
Particularly,those who fell ill in the months of march and february would have felt the pinch.You might have went for tuitions.worked hard for the year round.U might have sacrificed your joy and happiness,food,rest,entertainment on a number of occasions.You might have studied in a residential school where ur connection with the outer world has been cut off entirely.Ultimately when your hard work could not reap you the benefits you desired it would be incomparably disappointing.I feel very very sorry for you.You are resigned to your ill fate.You can do nothing but console yourselves.

This is the reason why Urban students are encouraged to write entrance examinations conducted by various deemed universities giving these students a back up ,and those universities a huge source of income.

On the other hand there are some people who have not seen their mathematics teacher during their school days and those who do not know how to calculate the aggregate marks for counselling.For them the only teachers are their poverty and their parents who work as a coolie or a farmer or the owner of a petty shop which mostly runs at loss.Most of them do not know even that entrance has been eradicated(students of the 06-07 batch) .The only thing which they know is their parent's struggle for livelihood.They have seen neither the tuitions nor the encouraging teachers.Their parents don't know how to hold a pen.Those people dont know the blueprints.They don't drink fresh juices and cool drinks to keep them energetic throughout the day.They have to wait for their bread-winner until late night to fill at least half of their stomach.They dont have a room for them in their residence.For most of them the size of their home is smaller than our sit-outs.How can they attend the entrance examinations which requires immense coaching?

I AM NOT EXAGGERATING anything here.At least 10% of students in my college fall in the latter category.Some of them did not attend the college on the first day.They were standing infront of the bank in my college with the hope of getting an educational loan.They were not deterred by the irresponsible answers of the bank manager,because they are the people who were not fazed either by the poverty or by the syllabus.They are the people who understood calculus,relativity,physiology and every other thing without a teacher or a proper teacher in some cases.

They might not have English fluency.but i can see 90% of them understanding the concepts better and faster than us.

In my point of view,the abolition of entrance may bring down the standards of the colleges but it has given a new ray of hope for hundreds of such people,who are equally,if not superiorly talented than us.The colleges may miss some of the super talented students.But the substitutes for those students are not unfit for a seat.