Monday, June 01, 2009


Its 20 days since my holidays began and now i am looking forward for my college to reopen.....But still 30 days left for it.....The absence of my friends did hurt me a lot and these holidays are the most , most boring holidays .... I have tried everything these holidays right from studying(!) to sleeping..... but no way..... the hands of the clock behave as if they are acting in a fevicol ad......the people who save me are my grandparents... they engage me to some extent ...... i will get most of my friends back in this steel city by this week.... but again my ill fate i have got all my domestic assignments this week.... this feels like watching all the knockout matches of a grandslam and not watching the finals....... oops! its all in the game again..... let these boring and useless holidays pass by sooner rather than later....

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