Sunday, February 14, 2010

He is back

Ajith is back with his neat performance at asal.. The film does not have a great plot and all. It is very much an ordinary story.. The film spans only for 130 minutes.. Ordinary songs.. Poor dance.. The efforts of sameera in "kudhiraiku theriyum" song goes in vain, as ajith spoils the song... Also, "totatoing" will please only the die-hard thala fans.. For others,it will be irritating.. Only the intro song is watchable...The ajith hailing dialogues irritates at times.. Ajith smiles only once in the movie...

Still , his style and neat show makes the movie watchable...
Ajith really has some originality in him, unlike the thalapathies...

Love to read

The last 20 days had it all. I have started thinking of me much.. My IAS aspirations,my future, my dream car,placements,my school life,my evenings at home watching WWE,my first day in hostel, the most inspiring people in my life, the days when i sat infront of tv, hearing Harsha bhogle , Gavaskar , Geoffrey Boycott and Ravi Shastri.... What am I going to do for my country? What am I going to do for my society? Why should I waste my engineering degree? Why cant I be polite to all? Why people like me? Why people dont like me? What people expect from me? How my life would be when I have a sibling? How many people really care for me? For how many people I care honestly? How many lies speak in a day?

This is mind blowing..

I really have nothing to worry for.. The almighty is so kind to me in blessing me with good parents,a beautiful country and its loving people.. So many friends I have.. From my parents and grandparents to naveen(t) to gowtham to sabari to gnyanandha reddy(where are you?) to ramamurthy to deepak to ramakrishnan to prashanth to the vigneshs to prasanna to vinoth to santhosh to karthik to barathwaj to vivek to krishna to anand to sp to manibarathi to naveen(v,e) to tamil to vivek to jayaram to gopi to manikandan to radhika to shivakumar to sathish to shalimar to all hostelmates,classmates and schoolmates....( I cant type all of you names! Bear with me)... The list goes on and on and on... These days in CEG hostels are turning out to be a heaven in disguise.. The unbelievable fun we are having here is never going to come back to anyone of us..

How beautiful human life is? How many people I have crossed in my life? How fortunate I am by my birth? WOW!!

Let me come out of all my so called silly problems, and wish you all a very happy valentine's day!!

Love you all!!!