Saturday, December 12, 2009


We are speaking much about gdp,growth rate,recession,poverty,unemployment,globalisation,liberalisation..Too much of noise is being made at lok sabha about the liberhan commission.. Even after the prime minister magnanimously apologised for a mp's remark on vajpayee , the opposition benches are still shouting at the well of the house.. Resolution is passed congratulating the Indian cricket team.. I am very much worried whether our representatives really have atleast the slightest care for us..

In the last 10 years, I myself has seen the disappearance of farm lands and grazing lands.. The farmer near our house has sold 60% of his land.. And his agricultural fields, which were once watered by the chill water from the "pumpsets" have now turned into concrete streets and stagnant drainages.. I cannot see the tall coconut trees which once served as our boundary lines, anymore..

This is not the case with my area or my town alone.. The farm lands in all the three tier cities of our nation is fast disappearing... The main reason for this is the poor returns which the farmers get.. A farmer has to work for 3 to 4 months to raise a crop.. He has to pay wages to the labourers, pay for transportation and the find market.. The profit which a farmer gets is very very less when we consider the efforts which he puts in..

The next big issue is the disappearance of grazing lands.. Due to the real estate industry, each and every piece of land is turned into a plot.. Cows dont have any land left to graze for.. The recent rise in the milk price is an alarming indication..Adding to these miseries is the rise in price of pesticides and fodder for cattle..If this continues, we would have to import rice,wheat and milk powder from abroad.. It is absolutely impossible to import food stuffs for 110 million people..

The "manbumigu" representatives must push liberhans and politics aside, and take necessary steps to ensure that india is self sufficient to feed itself.. Else , 20 years from now on,we would die of starvation..

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  1. You're right da... These politicans are raving mad... When agriculture is declared as an industry in itself, with stocks and what not, the food situation might improve