Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The most joyous, longest and the most eventful semester in my college life so far... Right from day 1 , when the results of the previous semester were announced , nothing went wrong, but for some silly quarrels with the caring hearts.. I witnesssed the most significant concert in India in 2009, bought my laptop, thought much about myself, started analysing the world around me in detail,made good friends, earned no enemies.This semester gave me everything.. We had many reasons to smile and fill the hostel rooms with thundering laughters, and blunt(est) jokes...

Kannathil muthamital,Michael madhana kamarajan, sillunu oru kaadhal,Grudge,2012,mouna raagam(first half).. This is the list of movies which i saw during my semester examinations.. In all probability , I would lose my "9 pointer" and thereby, the most irritating "pandu" tag as soon as the results are out..It was extremely difficult to retain the interest of writing the exams for 20 days.. Somehow, all of us managed to finish the examinations...Now , its time to quote sujatha's dialogue in anniyan "rest eduthu rest eduthu tired agi rest edukaren".. Happy holidays

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  1. dai... don't talk about losing the 9-pointer tag..... it won't happen