Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ameti vs Ahmedabad

With the news of Advani stepping down and Kalaignar's desire to be "one among the people" doing rounds in media , its time for the reporters and historians to sketch articles hailing them as crusaders of indian politics.. It has to be accepted that , both these men revolutionised Indian politics.. It was Advani's astute politics which laid the foundation for India getting an excellent prime minister.. No one can match Karunanidhi's political experience and he is among the most astute politicians the country has ever seen.. They may not be liked by everyone...But , they deserve a farewell , and this is time for political parties to shift gears and to pass on the baton to the next generation.. This is the impact a young politician like Rahul gandhi can impose on Indian politics..

Those who laugh at me when i say it will be Rahul vs Modi at 2014 , here is yet another reason why Modi is a very good administrator..A couple of days back , Gujarat assembly passed a bill making voting mandatory.. This is definitely a path breaking move and brings the much needed relief and hope for Indian democracy which is plagued by caste politics and violence..The policy makers at delhi sould learn lessons from this man , and should pass an ordinance immediately to ensure that democracy survive...

Clearly , Modi and Rahul will dictate terms at Delhi atleast for the next 10 years...So please start observing these two men... I will write about these two men again in this same blog by december 2019..

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