Thursday, June 25, 2009


25 june,09.

middle class,

The prime minister,
Government of India.

Respected Sir,
Some 45 days back, I stood in a long queue to vote .... When i went to vote many a things flashed in my mind...... my son's education, increasing prices of commmodities, low interest rates for deposits,towering rates of petrol,gold.... my daughter's marriage...the candidates of ruling and opposition parties....the corruptive politics....a parliament filled with walking sticks and cash bags......the respect and response given to me in government offices...oops...nothing would change.... I took a decision not to vote for anybody.....

But by that time, I have come near the polling booth......I saw the government officials working sincerely and systematically,making good arrangements for the electIons....I saw physically challenged people and elderly people coming to vote.....I wondered what took them to the booths....Though some were bribed to vote, many people have come out for a cause... I thought of how the people had changed the fortunes of big leaders and big parties in the past.... as I have stood in the queue bearing the merciless sun for about an hour, I was reluctant to go back without registering my I pressed some button in the evm and went back...

Then results came.... I was happy that a stable government was ready to be formed with a non political and a highly educated person as its head....It surprised me when young ministers took oath.....and gave me some signals of a possible change in the near future........but....

Nothing has changed in the past fifty days..... except the ministers and the ministries....Though it is not possible to change things so quickly , your cabinet is capable of doing that.....Dont think I will forget ur election promises.....and in a cabinet comprising of 14 lawyers and 4 doctorate holders, of whom 9 were former chief ministers of states , you can never fail unless your government is power corrupted..... I am keenly watching you and your govt. everyday...... rather than my well being , it is my son s future which i am concentrating at.... I will expect the same from you too.... please dont turn into yet another politician....


middle class citizen.

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