Friday, July 03, 2009


The first week of July sounded my entry into the second year of my college life... It started with several uncertainities looming over hostel admissions and results..... I arrived in Chennai on Sunday itself to avoid last minute rush..... Finally the hostel admissions were over by Tuesday, and the most unexpected and stunning results came by that afternoon....a 9.x again..... And i felt as if I were in a dream..... a multiplying factor of 1.09 and 1.07 in two subjects worked in my favor and the results did not take much out of me as I knew I got more than I deserved....... I felt really sorry for a couple of guys in my class who really should have scored higher...... I understood that the results are the most elusive things in the college..... Then the classes started , went on greatly , without any major twists until Friday morning... then came the most unexpected announcement to the shock of many..... It rocked the college almost and destroyed the aspirations of a few people ....... then as usual houseful canteens , congested "kutti sevuru" , long queues in atm and banks , rush in mess , midnight chats , mokka jokes , etc............

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