Thursday, January 22, 2009


This article is strictly for non CEGians.
I am writing this to celebrate the only UNESCO sponsered student activity in our country,the KURUKSHETRA 2009.
I am writing this blog when a lot of young engineers are fighting for their prestige and for the prestige of their respective colleges. It is almost a shock for me when the contestants successfully worked on creating a computer language k++ in a very short time.The online registrations has created a lot of dissappointment for many a contestants as they really were unaware of them.

The students stunned the spectators by creating rockets with just water and plastic bottles.The parts of a wind mill were also in the display.There was an Exhibition in which the unravelled achievements of Indian scientists were revealed.
I am feeling proud to call me as a CEGian after seeing the way my seniors from various departments co ordinated to conduct this mega mega event.
Brian M.Jennings,the oscar nominee for visual efffects,and also the person behind films like "Dasavatharam","Exorcist" made a special speech and demonstrated the way in which the shots of the above mentioned films were shot.
Dr.Ganesh Natarajan,chairman of NASSCOM,and Dr.Naveed N.Hussain,Vice president Boeing India were the other dignitaries to share their knowledge with us.
The most stunning thing was that a techno management festival like this had many participants from public.
Two more days are still left out during which many other dignateries including Dr.M.Annadurai are scheduled to be in the college.
Being the best non-IIT college in the country,we have to do this .Yes,Its our duty.
If you have missed this event , I am sorry.Its your bad luck.

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