Friday, September 04, 2009


This is the very first post about my home town... Actually i thought of writing about the city , but my visit to a temple in the car street irritated me a lot.. For a long time ,the city police were allowing the movement of buses only through the bazaar street, which has forced the pedestrians , comprising a majority of women and seniors citizens , to keep off the street ... Yesterday i was shocked to see a government bus making a sharp L turn in the car street... The bus drivers literally seemed careless while driving through the first agraharam... There must be some reason for the divertion of the town buses through the car street, but the police should take strict measures to ensure that the town buses, particularly the private ones, sail through the congested streets , without frightening the pedestrians... Atleast before the navrathri season begins, some steps have to be taken... Else the pedestrians will be put into a huge trouble, when they go for a diwali shopping..!!

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