Sunday, January 11, 2009


This blog is meant only for those who have written the board examinations last year and on the year before and for those who lament over the abolition of entrance examinations.Some of you might have benefited from the abolition of entrance examinations...some of you may have been badly affected by the abolition of that so called additional burden....
Particularly,those who fell ill in the months of march and february would have felt the pinch.You might have went for tuitions.worked hard for the year round.U might have sacrificed your joy and happiness,food,rest,entertainment on a number of occasions.You might have studied in a residential school where ur connection with the outer world has been cut off entirely.Ultimately when your hard work could not reap you the benefits you desired it would be incomparably disappointing.I feel very very sorry for you.You are resigned to your ill fate.You can do nothing but console yourselves.

This is the reason why Urban students are encouraged to write entrance examinations conducted by various deemed universities giving these students a back up ,and those universities a huge source of income.

On the other hand there are some people who have not seen their mathematics teacher during their school days and those who do not know how to calculate the aggregate marks for counselling.For them the only teachers are their poverty and their parents who work as a coolie or a farmer or the owner of a petty shop which mostly runs at loss.Most of them do not know even that entrance has been eradicated(students of the 06-07 batch) .The only thing which they know is their parent's struggle for livelihood.They have seen neither the tuitions nor the encouraging teachers.Their parents don't know how to hold a pen.Those people dont know the blueprints.They don't drink fresh juices and cool drinks to keep them energetic throughout the day.They have to wait for their bread-winner until late night to fill at least half of their stomach.They dont have a room for them in their residence.For most of them the size of their home is smaller than our sit-outs.How can they attend the entrance examinations which requires immense coaching?

I AM NOT EXAGGERATING anything here.At least 10% of students in my college fall in the latter category.Some of them did not attend the college on the first day.They were standing infront of the bank in my college with the hope of getting an educational loan.They were not deterred by the irresponsible answers of the bank manager,because they are the people who were not fazed either by the poverty or by the syllabus.They are the people who understood calculus,relativity,physiology and every other thing without a teacher or a proper teacher in some cases.

They might not have English fluency.but i can see 90% of them understanding the concepts better and faster than us.

In my point of view,the abolition of entrance may bring down the standards of the colleges but it has given a new ray of hope for hundreds of such people,who are equally,if not superiorly talented than us.The colleges may miss some of the super talented students.But the substitutes for those students are not unfit for a seat.



  1. hmm,ur blog sounds very interesting, inspirational and even educational, keep it up

  2. thought provoking message to all of us... good job