Monday, June 21, 2010


Ever since his evolution , man is trying to understand nature and exploit its gifts. In order to attain the gifts of nature , empires were built, wars were waged and numerous lives were lost. The study of science has enabled man to understand nature better , and make new inventions and discoveries to help the mankind. Ironically , each and every invention had its own drawback.
Today we live in a world which is dominated by science. Each and every article we use today is impacted heavily by science. Be it a toothbrush or a satellite, science plays a role in it. The instruments and techniques  used by the Indian kings for carrying out civil works were said to be of superior quality. Our emperors have set trends in building construction. The Big Temple , The Grand Anicut (Kallanai) , Taj Mahal , all palaces in Rajasthan and the temples spread across our motherland are among some of the finest architectural master pieces, known all over the world. The Atharvana veda is said to have a number of verses dedicated to Mathematics, science and medicine. There is a controversy that "Acupuncture" techniques are actually stated in the fourth Veda.
It is an irony that the independent India has not developed many scientists. Despite measures of the Government only a few people take up research, the main reasons being the low salary and poor standards of education.Let us hope India produces more ramans and kalams in the years to come. I would like to see a syllabus were students all over the world read "patnaik series" , "naidu transform" , "mukherjee law" and  "singh constant". The Engineering students in foreign countries must find it tough to cope up with the books of Indian authors. IITs must become the best colleges in the world. ISRO must send satellites to research on the possibility of life in Andromeda. We must develop a vaccine for cancer.People must come to Indian hospitals to get their diseases cured.
For all this to happen , there must be a change in the Indian mentality at first. Let us hope for the best..

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