Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Forgotten Hero

In the years to come, the growth of India is going to be tremendous certainly. With a rising middle class and promising young leaders, India will be in a respectable position atleast by 2030. We may not be able to do what China has done in the last few decades. But certainly we will be a stronger, more self reliant and a developed country by that time. When we turn back and see where it all started, the roots would be lying in the vision of this great man. It is astonishing that the country and media has quite forgotten this great leader, who showed the way how to perform even when people around him were digging traps for him. His speech in Ayodhya a few days before the demolition is possibly the only thing which makes people feel bad about him. Except for that Vajpayee was a man who deserves the maximum respect.
He did not bow down to U.S pressure. He was bold enough to lead us during tough,testing times. He gave his heart out to develop good relationship with Pakistan. He was a strong and a tall leader.In an era where most of the Indian politicians seem reluctant to retire from active politics for the sake of power and money, this great leader announced his retirement from active politics!! Whether he is conferred with it or not, he is really a Bharath Ratna!! Happy birthday Atal ji!!

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