Sunday, June 06, 2010


5 songs + 5 fights + 5 comedy scenes + tympanum-tearing punch dialogues = Singam. Despite pathetic Anoushka(hope i spelled right!), irritating "third-rate" comedy from "janangalin kalaignan, Padma shri" vivek, "ongi adicha onra ton weight da" punches, absolutely irritating DSP bgm,what makes singam interesting and watchable is SURYA. He carries the entire film in his shoulders with amazing ease. In no way singam resembles Kaaka Kaaka. It resembles none of his early 24 movies. He has really done some homework for the movie. He speaks the thoothukudi slang flawlessly, and roars throughout the movie like a lion. His dance has improved tremendously. You cannot compare "Aval varuvala" and "kadhal vandhale".Surya has unleashed the entertainer within him.

Singam - Surya's quest to increase his fan base..

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