Thursday, June 03, 2010


Rice at Rs.2, free school books, free cycle for school children , free electricity for farmrers and weavers, free lpg connections, waiver of bank loans for farmers,free colour tv sets. All these will be the points which the DMK will emphasise during their election campaign for the next assembly elections. Without doubt, this government has appeased people from all sections with its freebies.Some schemes may have helped many families to bail themselves out of an economic crisis and lead a happy life today.
But, free school books and free colour television scheme will start backfiring on the Government soon. It is a huge step taken by Government in creating an irresponsible generation.
The SSA scheme ensures a pass for all school students and they need not worry for getting failed in school upto class 9. Books are also freely available which deprives the parents and students of the responsibility to save money for books. Anything which is freely available will never be valued.Education can never be devalued like this.
Rather than taking efforts to provide a quality education , the government is stubborn in providing a "name sake" education to all. Education is "Self-Actualisation". Anything short of it can't be called as education.
The Government has to take efforts to make the students responsible. It has to supply text books to the children,only if they return the books of the previous year in a good condition.A fine must be imposed on the children who do not return books.
If this is not done, the future India will be irresponsible. All Indians will be LITERATE, but not EDUCATED.

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