Wednesday, January 06, 2010

History Unheralded

India is also affected by second world war!!

This statement would look absurd and most of you would not believe even after finish reading this post.. Ask someone who lived from 1942 to 1945.. They will know the impact of the war.. I am writing this post based on the experiences of my grandparents during their schooling days and this is not fictitious...

The famous 3 siren alarming system was hugely in practice in the major cities of British India.. 3 sirens will be sounded everyday , as a part of creating awareness among the general public, and it was as a part of the wartime training.. During the first siren , all the people walking on the road are supposed to find out the pits.. Such man-hole like pits were dug all along the main roads,as a measure to protect the citizens from Japanese aircrafts.. On hearing the second siren, everyone should hide themselves in the pit and on the third siren , all can come out of the pit, and can proceed with their routines..

The nazi swasthika symbols were supposed to be painted atop the high buildings and towers , to deceive the aircrafts that the place was captured by germans.. The famous Srivalliputhur temple gopuram is said to be painted with a swasthika at its top, which was visible from the planes...

These were the measures taken by the British Government on the wake of minor shelling at vishakapatnam and madras....

I am searching for books which has recorded India during the war time.. If anyone comes across sucha book accidentally , please inform me!!!

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