Tuesday, June 15, 2010


WARNING: This post is the mokkaest in this blog, and this post is a consequence of a 47 day semester vacation. Those who are veti like me.. DARE TO READ

 This June has been a terrific month for me for more than one reason. Being all alone in my home, sitting infront of tv and glancing through the newspapers , I had a lot of time to think. I literally was a modern day kumbakarnan sleeping atleast 10 hours a day.

A lot of time was spent thinking upon the thing which binds the human life. Why am I studying some stuff in the name of Engineeering? Why do people vote ? Why should I take up civil service ? Why should India send Chandrayaan 2 ? Why are politicians and many bureaucrats corrupt ? Why my father never asks me how much I spend ?

The answer I found in this huge brainstorming exercise is the topic of this post.

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