Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its time!!!!

It may be a dead rubber test match in Sri lanka. But Indians are never going to turn their attention off cricket. Cricket has become such a block buster in the country that it threatens the very existence of every other sport in the country.Sanias and sainas attract sports viewers for reasons which have no connection with sports.

The reason why cricket is such a big thing in India is the business and politics involved with it. As long as Arun Jaitleys and Sharad Pawars are there,the game of cricket will never die. To be more frank,other sports wont bloom till the political and corporate heavy weights rule cricket.Adidas,Pepsi,Hero honda,MRF,crompton fans,Sunfeast biscuits,cello pens and Mysore sandal soaps depend on the cricketers for their survival.

I can never accept Indians dont have interest in other sports.Almost every school in our country(even a very poor Government school) will have a good volleyball and a basketball team. The inter school and intercollege football,volleyball and basketball competitions will enjoy high participation, but a cricket match will mostly played infront of an empty gallery. Cricketers somehow become stars, whereas others don't. Sachin Tendulkar did something which Dhanraj Pillai can't. Dhoni is doing something which Baichung Bhutia failed to do. Mohun Bagan may be as potent as any premier league team. But it does not get the kind of support which KKR gets.

CWG should be the platform to bring Indian talents to the fore. But I am afraid it will bring corruption and political mud-slinging in our country to the fore. The Government should do everything to ensure that New Delhi conducts the games with utmost perfection.

In a country where more than 300 million people live in poverty, is a sports extravaganza like Common Wealth Games a must? In what way is common wealth games going to improve the status of sports in India? Let us not get involved in such discussions and distract the game preparations now.CWG is a question of national pride. We must show the world what Indians are capable of. This is not the time to encourage Mani Shankar Aiyars

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  1. I beg to differ on certain points. My mother works in a school where there's no sports team at all. Not even sporting equipment.

    And cricket gets as much attention as it does because of the cricketers. It doesn't survive because of politicians; in fact, it's more the other way round... cricket gives politicians additional power.

    It's not as if politicians don't head governing bodies of other sports. Only a lack of media attention can be attributed as the cause for the lowly number of genuine athletes in other sports... where do they get the inspiration from?

    And finally, Saina Nehwal is in the news for being a great badminton player.