Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Myths and facts about CEG - 1

Like every other institute, CEG also has its pros and cons, positives and negatives. Starting with this post, I would like to bring to light, some of the myths about CEG, and about many positives of CEG.

Fact 1 :

The history of the college is something which every CEGian must be proud of . The college is 218 years old, and bears the tag of the oldest Engineering college in the country. Prior to the existence of IITs, CEG was the place which sheltered the best Engineering minds in the country. Even after so many years of its establishment, the college remains as one of the premier Engineering institutes in the country, which bears a testimony to its consistency in producing (good) Engineers. 

Another reason which makes CEG so unique is its strong Alumni base. The Alumni network of CEG , if fully uncovered, will be the greatest ever, because it is 200 years old ! Serious steps are being taken by The Alumni Association of CEG (AACEG) the members of CEGAM. With its ever expanding alumni base, CEGians should be able to find their alums in any part of this world, and can seek their guidance for everything they need. 

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