Saturday, September 01, 2012

Shameless 790

Voting days in India have never failed to create the feeling of a carnival . A 75 percent voting is seen as an achievement. Voting booths get celebrity status, when celebrities visit it. Stories of leaders standing in queue with normal people become sensational headlines. All the efforts put in by Election Commission, thousands of policemen and polling officials, and more importantly the votes of half a billion voters , seem to be a total time waste, after seeing what is happening in the Parliament.

Crores of Rupees are spent in conducting a Parliament session. Also at a time when country is facing serious issues like serious internal security threats, Viloence in Assam, Economic slowdown, Failure of Monsoon, Pending bills and legislations, no party is willing to take parliament seriously. The oppositions see their strength in stalling the Parliament, over one issue or the other. Either one opposition party or the other puts its best effort in creating ruck-us in the Parliament. Opposition parties, which are considered to be pillars of Democracy behave as if they are there only to stall Parliaments.

There seems to be no end to these ruck-us, and if this continues people will lose faith in the institution of Democracy. Here are some suggestions to Government, born out of sheer anger and disappointment

  • If Parliament cannot function for 5 continuous days when a session is in Progress, all the MPs salary for one year must be cut
  • If Parliament does not function for a day, a compensation for that day must be held on the sunday of the same week
  • If a Minister is not present in Parliament for 10 days in a session(unless it is an official foreign trip ), he must be removed from ministry and should be barred from contesting in next elections. 
  • We do not need sick MPs. An MP who cannot attend Parliament during a session cannot serve people of his constituency. MPs must be sacked for long absence
  • The process for asking questions in Question hour must be made simple
  • A press meet must be convened by Parliamentary affairs Minister before every session begins and the agenda for the session must be set. 
Boss. After all, it is our money !

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