Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teacher - My first and foremost teachers

Having born as a son of a teacher ,and as a grandson of two teachers , I respect my real teachers to a great extent. Over this series , I would share my experiences about, the teachers who have impacted my life, the lives of teachers of the past, the challenges faced by teachers of present and future. Possibly, this series could
end by Teacher's day

My first and foremost teachers are my grandfathers and grandmothers, who have bestowed all their knowledge on me. My grandfather has been the sole person who made me believe, that I can write and speak in English. His Grammar is impeccable, and I would have been nothing in English without him. Being a retired school Headmaster, with an experience of 35 years, he is an unmatchable genius, in his own style. Even today, he is most updated with all current affairs and would easily breeze through any B School Interview. He incorporated the system of studying in me in very small age, and is the prime reason for me being a consistent academic performer throughout my life. He is the greatest Encyclopedia regarding post independence Indian history, and he knows how India evolved as a nation. He generated a lot of interest in me to stay updated. Had I done 10 percent of what he told, I would have been a much better person in life.

My grandmother is such an avid reader that she shows keen interest in reading anything from politics to film gossips. She is the person who has been my greatest childhood playing companion. She introduced Rama, Ravana, Krishna, Shiva, Muruga to me. She introduced Cricket, stumps, 4s and 6s. Without her I wouldnt have known Gandhi, Akbar, Babar. All the History lessons I learnt were nothing but a summarised English version of her narrations. The pain she has taken to make me write the Tamil Alphabets is unbelievable. She is a teacher whom I cannot forget.

I am nothing without the best mentors of my life- my parents. I was never questioned. They never doubted my capabilities as a person. They asked me to stay away from home inorder to grow. The pain they took in shaping my character are inexpressible. I would attain the purpose of my life, if I can remain as a responsible and caring son. 

My father took me for every possible place. He made me utilise all the opportunities that a tier-3 city provided. Whatever I know about relations and human behaviour, which made me survive in life, are the knowledge which they made me acquire. 

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