Thursday, November 22, 2012

Direct to Hell !

Yesterday, when I woke up and logged into my facebook account, my wall was spammed by the news of hanging of Kasab. To show my presence in the society, I too pasted a link from "The Hindu" with a hatred comment, heartily cursing Ajmal Kasab to rot in hell. When I scrolled down the page, I saw mixed reactions and many posts against the capital punishment

To some extent, I too agree that capital punishment is against the principles of Ahimsa aka non-violence. Definitely, no human has the right to kill his fellow human being. Another murder can never be the solution for a murder. All those against capital punishment argued that some developed countries have totally eradicated capital murder. Some were right in pointing out that Kasab is merely a tool, and his hanging will not have any impact on those terrorist outfits.

But all these modern day "Ahimsawaadhis" must ask one question to themselves before agitating against capital punishment. Is killing Kasab the same as killing others ? Don't you realise that it is hundreds of your countrymen who got KILLED ? If you can kill mosquitoes as it will harm you, why cant you kill someone who put an end to the lives of hundreds, and to the happiness of thousands , for no wrong that they did ? 

We are considerate enough, human enough to hang him peacefully, that too after taking care of him for 4 years ! 

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